‘Cameron won British elections because Labour was too Blairite’

This video from Britain says about itself:

Going Underground: “Blair committed war crimes” – Tony Benn

16 December 2013

Afshin Rattansi gets the inside track on politics with veteran Labour minister and socialist, Tony Benn. Denouncing illegal wars, Britain’s most famous activist gives his take on the current leadership, austerity and what the future holds.

By Luke James in Britain:

Tory majority caused by Labour losing to its left

Wednesday 20th may 2015

DAVID CAMERON claimed a majority because Labour shipped too many supporters to anti-austerity parties, Labour Euro MP Lucy Anderson claims today.

Far from being seen as too-left wing, Ms Anderson argues Labour lost crucial marginal seats because “we weren’t left-wing enough.”

The London Euro MP’s comments are based on an analysis of election results for the Morning Star. It shows that in 11 marginals that Labour lost to the Tories, the Green vote was bigger than the Tory candidate’s majority. That includes Morley and Outwood, where the Greens polled 1,264 and then shadow chancellor Ed Balls lost by 422.

A Green vote of 3,187 in Brighton Kemptown also helped oust popular Labour left figure Nancy Platts, who was 690 short of victory. In eight more seats, the numbers of votes for the Greens and other anti-austerity parties, such as Plaid Cymru or Tusc, were more than Labour lost by.

If Labour had won 12 of those seats, it would have been enough to deny the Tories a majority. Ms Anderson does not suggest that the Greens put the Tories in power.

But, hitting back at Blairite claims, the MEP insists the results show that Labour “didn’t lose simply because our polices were too left-wing.”

She told the Star: “Since our election defeat, some people have been challenging that link and saying Ed Miliband was too left-wing. “On my initial reading of the results, however, I think there is an argument that we weren’t left-wing enough.

“We lost at least 18 seats because of votes going to Tusc and the Greens.”

If the swing to the Greens and alternative left parties continues at the same rate, Labour will lose Bristol West to the Greens in 2020, as well as Edinburgh South, the only seat it holds in Scotland. The Star’s analysis also shows Labour will lose seven seats in which it has a majority of less than a 1,000 to the Tories.

A Green Party spokesperson said: “At this election over 1.1 million people voted Green, many of them seeking an alternative to the austerity on offer from the Establishment parties. This data shows how a huge portion of the electorate have been rendered voiceless.

“If we had a proportional electoral system, the votes the Green Party received would have translated into a strong group of 24 MPs fighting austerity in Parliament.”

33 thoughts on “‘Cameron won British elections because Labour was too Blairite’

  1. When you have a subversive of high office in power under the guise of Labor philosophy but is a right wing Tory you have a party that is doomed.
    He has to be denounced for what he is other than that its the same old story, two fish going around in a fish bowl going over the same old ground.
    The next generation maybe the answer, the old rear guard are a formidable enemy of the people, whether with the end of Murdock will be part of the answer as he enters the next world? nevertheless what Murdock is unable to resolve is the Father internalized now driving him to lust for power having now power the Father driving him will not be quenched and although dead is still alive.


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  28. Wednesday 26th October 2016

    posted by Conrad Landin in Britain

    LABOUR was slapped with a £20,000 fine yesterday after general secretary Iain McNicol was found to have broken electoral laws.

    Journalists’ enquiries about missing receipts for Ed Miliband’s eight-foot stone monolith bearing the party’s manifesto pledges prompted a probe into the party’s election expenses.

    A subsequent electoral commission review found that Labour had failed to declare 74 payments totalling £123,748 for last year’s general election campaign, as well as 33 separate invoices totalling £34,392, in its spending return.

    Mr McNicol, who is nominally the party’s treasurer for electoral purposes, was found to have committed two offences under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. It is the largest fine the commission has ever imposed.

    In a statement, the commission said: “Initial inquiries aimed to determine why two payments totalling £7,614, relating to spending incurred on a stone tablet — referred to in the media as the ‘EdStone’ — were missing from the party’s campaign spending return.

    “It was established that these payments were missing from the party’s return and the commission launched an investigation.”

    Other costs missing from the spending return include those associated with the Labour Express and Labour Students tours.

    A party spokeswoman said: “Labour has co-operated fully with the Electoral Commission during its investigation into general election 2015 campaign spending by political parties.

    “The commission’s investigation found that internal procedural errors led to a relatively small number of items of expenditure not being declared properly.

    “The party regrets these administrative errors. However, these amounted to just over 1 per cent of our total spending of over £12 million during this election.

    “We accept the findings of the report and have already tightened our internal recording procedures to address the commission’s concerns.”

    The stone tablet was widely mocked at the time of its unveiling in a Hastings car park.

    Grilled on the radio about the stunt, Labour election campaign vice-chair Lucy Powell subsequently said: “I don’t think anyone’s suggesting the fact that he’s carved them into stone means that he is absolutely not going to break them or anything like that.”



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