13 thoughts on “Labour party too Blairite, British voters say

  1. SHADOW cabinet member Jon Trickett has revealed Labour bosses kept him off TV during the election campaign — because he has a northern accent.

    Mr Trickett, who is from Leeds and represents Hemsworth in Yorkshire, made the shocking disclosure at a Class think tank meeting on Tuesday evening.

    He told the meeting that the cultural “gulf” between MPs and the public was part of the reason for Labour’s defeat.

    “Even if they’re saying things that are progressive, it’s hard for people to hear because the language, the idioms, the accents, the way they dress, everything about them feels like Westmisnter,” he said.

    And Mr Trickett said Labour’s top brass are now even discriminating against the party’s own working-class MPs.

    He said: “I’m a plumber by the way, and though I was very close to the leadership, I wasn’t allowed on the TV. I wonder why?

    “The people who went on the telly for Labour don’t talk like me.

    “Maybe that’s because I’m crap at talking, but it feels to me like there is a gulf between the population and political class.”

    An analysis of voting figures by Mr Trickett revealed last week that Labour was more dependent on middle-class support than ever at this election.

    Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner said that was because Labour had treated its working-class voters with “criminal neglect.”

    “There’s a real disengagement with our party and our core vote and we’ve got to address that,” he told the meeting.

    “There’s loads of lessons but we won’t be taking them from Blair or Mandelson, or any of their other cronies, who lost us five million votes.”



  2. LABOUR’S leadership election is “like watching Game of Thrones without the nudity,” left-wing MP John McDonnell told the conference of civil servants’ union PCS yesterday.

    Mr McDonnell, who unsuccessfully contended the position in 2007 and 2010, said that candidates were “plotting” and trying “bribery” in an attempt to get endorsements from their parliamentary colleagues.

    And he blasted them for failing to offer anything other than failed Blairite ideology.

    “In the Labour Party we can have anyone, so long as they’re a Blairite,” he quipped.

    “It’s ‘vote for me because I’m a Blairite and I’ve got a northern accent.’

    “Or ‘vote for me because I’m posher than Cameron.’

    “Or ‘vote for me because I’ll say anything the Mail want me to’.”

    His remarks will be seen as a jibe at public school-educated Tristram Hunt, who withdrew from the contest yesterday after admitting that he had failed to gather the required 35 endorsements, and Mary Creagh, who launched her campaign with an article for MailOnline.

    Addressing a PCS fringe meeting on Tuesday night, Mr McDonnell singled out another candidate, Blairite frontbencher Liz Kendall, for peddling “extremely dangerous” ideas about the role of the private sector in public services.

    “She’s argued that what works is what matters and that seems to include privatisation,” he said.

    “I heard (Labour MP) Pat McFadden the other day talking about aspiration and the middle ground. It’s all meaningless drivel.

    “Labour’s never won an election on the basis of working-class votes alone. But the problem with New Labour was that it took working class voters for granted.”



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