Big anti-austerity demonstrations in London, Glasgow today

This video from the Green Party in England and Wales says about itself:

Charlotte Church calls on all of you to march on 20 June

4 June 2015

This morning deputy leader, Amelia Womack, spoke at a The People’s Assembly Against Austerity event at Unite the union with Charlotte Church.

Amelia spoke of our commitment to campaigning against this government’s austerity agenda. She has spoken to so many people who have already been hit by the cuts, people whose lives are being fundamentally impacted by diminishing access to fundamental support.

Together we will be marching on 20 June in London to call for an end to austerity.

Charlotte spoke to us at the launch to encourage all of you to join the #EndAusterityNow march on 20 June.

By Luke James in Britain:

The road to end George Osborne

Saturday 20th June 2015

London and Glasgow rallies ‘just the start

TWO massive marches drawing hundreds of thousands of people will today start an uprising against austerity and disastrous Osbornomics — which includes plans for rolling protests at Tory conference.

The London People’s Assembly’s End Austerity Now demonstration will start in the City before descending on Parliament Square, while Glasgow’s rally will take place in George Square.

Singer Charlotte Church will lead the capital’s anti-cuts chorus alongside Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn and Unite union leader Len McCluskey.

Organisers predict that the post-election protests could be the biggest since a TUC demonstration in 2011 saw 500,000 people take to the streets.

More than 250 coaches have been booked to bring people from across Britain for the rallies.

People’s Assembly national secretary Sam Fairbairn said: “I think we’re looking at least 100,000 and possibly upwards of 200,000.

David Cameron thinks because he’s got a slim majority in Parliament it means that he won’t be faced with any kind of opposition.

“Well today we’ll show him this is his opposition.”

And the Star can reveal that resistance to Tory cuts won’t end when the final speaker leaves the stage.

The People’s Assembly is planning an unprecedented four-day protest outside the Tory conference in Manchester later this year, with details for a national demonstration to be staged on October 4 set to be announced from the stage today.

That will be followed by three more protests on specific issues, such as the privatisation of the NHS and Britain’s housing crisis.

“Each day we’ll have a different themed protest depending on what they’re going to be disucssing at the conference,” Mr Fairbairn explained.

“That’s going to sustain the momentum from today’s demonstration.”

There are also set to be People’s Assemblies across the country, and a housing conference on October 10.

The anti-austerity demonstration comes after official figures showed yesterday that Chancellor George Osborne is set to borrow three times more than he planned this year.

Mr Osborne is on course to borrow £75 billion instead of £20bn, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said it showed the Tory had been forced to “bail out his failed economic plan.”

But she warned: “Rather than learning from his mistakes, the Chancellor is about to embark upon a fresh round of savage cuts.”

In her speech at today’s protest, Green MP Caroline Lucas will call on MPs from all parties to oppose his plans.

She will say: “It’s time for all of us who oppose the government’s self-defeating austerity programme to work together

“So my challenge here today to all MPs who call themselves progressive, and especially to those in the Labour Party, is this: Vote against further austerity, protect our public services, and defy your leadership by voting down the savage welfare cap.”

JEREMY CORBYN will today call on fellow Labour leadership candidates to join him at the People’s Assembly march against austerity. The leftwinger will take part in Labour’s first official hustings this morning before rushing back to London to join the demonstration: here.

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  1. How is it Syria can be at war for years and not produce anything useful other than work of a destructive nature of destroyed buildings, destroyed lives, and infrastructure and yet able to use expensive military equipment and I have heard of no cut backs? no austerity? how can they afford war? where is the money coming from? and yet so many countries have to have austerity measures who are not at war? I need input please?


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