Blairite Murphy, resign, Scottish Labourites say

This video from London, England says about itself:

Labour MPs Speak against Trident Replacement

Emily Thornberry MP, Diane Abbott MP and Katy Clark MP address a CND rally in Parliament Square on 14 March 2007 just after parliament voted to replace Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system.

Tony Blair fan Jim Murphy, at the moment still Scottish Labour Party leader, is an enthusiastic supporter of Trident nuclear weapons.

From The Scotsman:

Fresh pressure for Jim Murphy to quit leadership

by Andrew Whitaker

16:34 Thursday 14 May 2015

JIM Murphy is facing a fresh attempt to oust him as Scottish Labour leader after members of the party’s ruling body were urged to call on him to quit at a crunch meeting this Saturday.

A message of “Jim Murphy Must Go” is included in a letter being sent to all the members of the Scottish Labour executive ahead of a meeting on Saturday, when the party leader could face a vote of no confidence.

The letter from Labour activists and organised by the left wing Campaign for Socialism said that Mr Murphy had failed to take responsibility for his role in last week’s election, when the party lost 40 of its 41 seats north of the border.

Mr Murphy has already faced calls to quit from major unions such as Unite and Unison, with two members of his frontbench – Neil Findlay and Alex Rowley – quitting their roles.

Vince Mills, chair of the Campaign for Socialism, said members’s of Scottish Labour’s executive should call on Mr Murphy, who lost his East Renfrewshire seat last week, to “put the party first” and quit at Saturday’s meeting.

Mr Mills said: “There is clear dismay right across the party that Jim Murphy is failing to take responsibility for his role in Thursday’s near wipeout and go. “No-one suggests that Jim Murphy is the only problem Labour has, or that all the blame lies with him.

“But it’s also obvious that without his departure it will be difficult to reconnect with the electorate, or have the sort of searching and wider-ranging discussions about the way forward we so obviously need.”

“We are asking members of the Scottish Executive to put the party first, insist Jim Murphy quits and not be bullied into a continuation of a situation that will only bring further failure for Labour.”

‘Give Labour in Scotland a way forward’ – Unite Scotland calls upon Jim Murphy to step aside: here.

Len McCluskey tells Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy to resign. Leader of Unite union lays blame for Labour’s disastrous election result ‘very squarely at the feet of Scottish Labour’ and says Murphy should ‘leave the scene’: here.

LABOUR’S next leader must have the political courage to speak out against austerity and defend public services, a group of the party’s new MPs are demanding.

Ten of Labour’s rising parliamentary stars have laid down the challenge to leadership contenders in an open letter published in today’s Star: here.

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