‘Blairite Umunna would be a disaster as British Labour leader’

This satiric video from Britain says about itself:

Vatican to make Tony Blair a saint for bringing democracy to Iraq?

29 August 2012

The Foundation for the Glorification of Tony Blair is approaching the Vatican to get him made a saint for ignoring public opinion and joining George W Bush to bring democracy to the people of Iraq by killing one million of them.

By Barney McCay in Britain:

Umunna would represent a catastrophic rightward shift for Labour

Wednesday 13th May 2015

CHUKA UMUNNA formally launched his leadership bid in Swindon yesterday.

For many on the left this hammers home just how disastrous Thursday’s defeat was.

We had woken up on May 7 expecting a prime minister to be elected in the coming days who genuinely bucked the trend.

Ed Miliband, unlike his counterparts, seemed to be in it for the right reasons. In stark contrast to the sinister motives lurking behind the sweaty-Eton-juice of David Cameron’s forehead, he offered something honest.

He wasn’t airbrushed, he didn’t pretend to support football teams he knew nothing about, and he provided a vision that tried to bring Labour back to its roots.

Breaking with New Labour, Miliband began to do the things you’d hope for from a Labour leader.

Whereas Tony Blair had cosied up to the Chipping Norton set, Miliband took on Rupert Murdoch and refused to tailor his manifesto to the whims of non-dom media moguls like the owners of the Mail or the Independent.

Whereas Blair spent billions on war, Miliband led his party through the No lobby over intervention in Syria — a step vindicated when the rest of the world realised this would amount to propping up Isis.

He took on exploitative private landlords, “big six” energy cartels and businesses using zero-hours contracts. Though his solutions didn’t go nearly far enough, he at least started asking the right kind of questions.

Umunna, by contrast, demands an end to those questions.

Acknowledging Miliband’s focus on “the minimum wage and zero-hour contracts … mansions and non-doms”, he rues the lack of attention paid to “those creating wealth and doing the right thing.”

The difference between this and Miliband’s bravery is striking. Miliband recognised that “doing the right thing” was fighting for the exploited, not the exploiters.

He understood that sometimes the interests of the former don’t fit easily with those of the latter. And he knew which interests he wanted the Labour Party to prioritise.

In the months of soul-searching that lie ahead, many will implore the party to take up Blair’s call for a move to the “centre ground.”

They’ll argue that we should put principles aside and win elections.

But the harrowing speed at which Umunna published his piece announcing his bid should serve as a warning.

Laid out as a seven-point plan, it reads like a manifesto that had been written long before the results of the election had been announced.

It demonstrates that post-election debate among the left will not just be a time to reflect on an election defeat.

For many, like Umunna, it’s an opportunity to reassert the ideology of New Labour that they’ve long been waited for.

So as we regroup and deliberate on a new direction, let’s not forget the positives of a brave campaign.

And let’s not allow arguments of “means over ends” to shift the party away from its roots once again.

Losing an election will only be made worse if we lose sight of the values that we fought hard to claw back over the past five years.

Barney McCay is a Labour Party activist and president of King’s College Student Union at the University of Cambridge.

Chuka Umunna is the last thing Labour needs – a pro-austerity MP who calls people ‘trash’. Despite his penchant for Savile Row, it’s hard to think of someone less well-suited: here.

‘No-one is too rich to be in Labour’: Chuka Umunna sets out leadership stall: here.

Chuka Umunna quits Labour leadership contest due to ‘uncomfortable’ media attention: here.

Young Labour denounce Umunna’s year-long unpaid internship advertisement. Labour’s popular 2017 manifesto pledged to make unpaid internships illegal: here.


11 thoughts on “‘Blairite Umunna would be a disaster as British Labour leader’

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  2. If Miliband was as honest as this article suggests? shows the British public are gullible enough to vote for a government that is a militaristic and corrupt organization whom non supportive of those who are regarded as economic casualties of what is regarded as citizens worthy of a reasonable level of health and are to be gradually sent to a system of genocide as a class, and what is imperative to the governing powers is the purchase of F35 jets from America at a price tag of 87 million dollars a plane, not only is the plane dysfunctional but it reflects upon a government that is propped up and has the same status of the plane, being a dysfunctional government, the lack of empathy for those who are deemed unfit to live and the sheer arrogance of the politicians who love expensive toys, we are governed by the inept and those who are asleep in a dream of folly, it is unfortunate the brain of these people is now in a state of advanced fossilization who having the power to destroy the spirit of those with greater intelligence.


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