11 thoughts on “‘Blairite Umunna would be a disaster as British Labour leader’

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  2. If Miliband was as honest as this article suggests? shows the British public are gullible enough to vote for a government that is a militaristic and corrupt organization whom non supportive of those who are regarded as economic casualties of what is regarded as citizens worthy of a reasonable level of health and are to be gradually sent to a system of genocide as a class, and what is imperative to the governing powers is the purchase of F35 jets from America at a price tag of 87 million dollars a plane, not only is the plane dysfunctional but it reflects upon a government that is propped up and has the same status of the plane, being a dysfunctional government, the lack of empathy for those who are deemed unfit to live and the sheer arrogance of the politicians who love expensive toys, we are governed by the inept and those who are asleep in a dream of folly, it is unfortunate the brain of these people is now in a state of advanced fossilization who having the power to destroy the spirit of those with greater intelligence.


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