Birdwatching in Panama and worldwide

This video is called Some nice birds along Pipeline Road in Panama.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Dear Cornell Lab Friend,

Thanks to the worldwide birding community, May 9 was a remarkable and historic day—the first Global Big Day for bird conservation.

More than 12,500 birders in 117 countries joined our “Big Day” team by entering their checklists at, achieving a global total of more than 5,800 species on a single day—more than half of the world’s bird species!

On Global Big Day, the Cornell Lab’s Team Sapsucker explored tropical rainforests, wetlands, and highlands of their host country, Panama. With logistic support from Canopy Tower Lodge and the tremendous skills of Panamanian teammate Carlos Bethancourt, they found 320 species, a team record.

The team reveled in the astounding species diversity, including a life bird, Rufous Nightjar, singing in the dark; the whoosh of air on their faces as a Spectacled Owl flew past; Pheasant Cuckoo, Emerald Tanager, Rufous-crested Coquette, and 39 species of flycatchers! Even more important, the team established numerous partnerships with conservation organizations in Panama, elevating awareness about ecotourism and bird conservation all across that amazing country.

In New Jersey’s World Series of Birding, our student team, The Redheads, won the Urner Stone Cup for the highest statewide total with 208 species, and the Big Stay award with 71 species.

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