British election results, comments

This video from England says about itself:

UK benefit cuts to affect the disabled

31 January 2012

The famous boast of Britain’s welfare state was that people would be looked after, from the ‘cradle to the grave’, yet the proposed cuts by the government may have a detrimental effect on those who need them the most.

The Broadhead family, made up of Matthew, Dominic, and their mother Lisa, who is suffering from an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis, are currently living off toast.

Matthew has to prove to the government that he works 35 hours a week caring for his mother in order to receive the grand total of $75 a week to live on.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from Leeds, United Kingdom.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

‘Devastating’ result will see vulnerable die

Saturday 9th May 2015

Hardest-hit speak out against Tory cuts

SOCIAL JUSTICE campaigners warned yesterday that people will die on the streets this week after the Tory victory was labelled “devastating” and the “worst outcome” for Britain’s most vulnerable.

Housing, disabled rights and anti-nuclear groups were just some of the many vowing not to give up their fight against further austerity measures, cuts and privatisation.

Homeless support group Streets Kitchen founder Jon Glackin told the Star: “We will continue to support our streets, with no funding, and resist attacks any way we can.”

But after homelessness figures reportedly doubled under the outgoing coalition government, Mr Glackin could not help but admit that homeless activists “await with dread this greater Britain promised by Cameron and the Tories.

“People will die this week on our streets due to this new Tory government.”

Effects of the Conservative landslide in England were quickly felt on the housing market, as estate agent Foxtons’s share price soared 13 per cent.

Housing campaign Hackney Renters member Kieran Aldred admitted that the group had not expected such dire results, adding that, for “everyone caught up in the gnashing teeth of the housing crisis, this is the worst outcome.”

However, he pledged his campaign would not “slip into a coma of despair and rage.”

“Now, more than ever, we need to be focused, vocal and organised,” he said.

And, despite seeing Conservative former employment minister Esther McVey lose her seat in Wirral West, disabled campaigners were equally appalled by the results.

Debbie Jolly of Disabled People Against Cuts said that, while “disabled people will be pushed even further into poverty and fear” under the incoming government, campaigners “won’t give up, and must fight harder.”

She said the struggle would go on “until every hardship, every death and every misery has been exposed and accounted for.

“It’s not the end. This is a new beginning and we’re ready, but we need all disabled people and our allies to stand firm and fight back even harder than they have done in the last five years.

“Apathy is not an option any of us can now afford.”

As previously reported by the Star, demonstrations against the Conservatives are set to take place across London this weekend, with a rally outside the Tory HQ expected to gather over 4,000 people.

JUST hours after the ballot counting finished yesterday, the Tories were already proposing a cap on access to work funds for people with disabilities: here.

TRADE unionists appealed yesterday for a united front against a new Tory government in order to defend public services and the welfare state: here.

IRISH trade unions warned that the people of Northern Ireland would “suffer” under the new Tory government yesterday: here.

This video from Scotland says about itself:

4 April 2015

Cat Boyd at CND protest Glasgow (Bairns Not Bombs Scrap Trident Demo).

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

CND joy at anti-nuke MPs

Saturday 9th May 2015

ANTI-NUCLEAR campaiganers welcomed the “huge influx” of 56 anti-Trident SNP MPs yesterday ahead of the final vote on whether or not to replace Britain’s ageing nuclear weapons system.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) said the SNP’s “spectacular gains” in the general election are “a stark indicator of opposition to the Trident nuclear weapons system, which is based in Scotland.”

CND general secretary Kate Hudson said: “When Scotland has spoken as clearly as it has at the ballot box — it’s a reality check for those who believe there could be business as usual with Trident replacement.

Ms Hudson called on the government to “scrap Trident now, save £100bn, and spend taxpayers’ money on things we really need.”

Why did the British Labour party lose seats in this election? Because of Scotland, where Labour went from 41 MPs to one MP. However, in England and Wales, Labour actually WON fourteen seats.

In Scotland, the Labour leader who presided over this catastrophe was and, unfortunately, still is, Jim Murphy.

Jim Murphy. Murphy is not just a Blairite within Labour, but also a member of the extreme right Henry Jackson Society. The Henry Jackson Society is named after a United States senator who was corrupt, a warmonger and a racist. The Henry Jackson Society advocates torture.

With someone like Jim Murphy as Labour’s official face in Scotland, it is no wonder that the Scottish National Party won a landslide victory.

By Malcolm Burns in Scotland:

Obliterated Murphy tries to cling on

Saturday 9th May 2015

Calls grow for Scottish Labour leader’s head

JIM MURPHY refused to resign as Scottish Labour leader yesterday despite presiding over a catastrophic election result which left his party with only one seat north of the border — and saw him booted out of Parliament.

Ian Davidson, another of the Labour casualties, called on Murphy to “do the honourable thing” and resign.

“Morally, as the man who has led us to the biggest ever disaster that Labour has suffered in Scotland, of course he can’t continue,” the former Glasgow South West MP said.

“The process of rebuilding the Labour Party has got to start with an examination of both personnel and ideas.”

But Mr Murphy insisted that he would remain as leader and pledged to stand in the 2016 Scottish Parliament election.

He said: “The leader carries the can and there’s no shirking away from this.” But he insisted: “Our determination is to rebuild from here, with a continued sense of energy, with a continued sense of teamwork.”

Mr Murphy lost in East Renfrewshire as safe Labour seats and former cabinet ministers tumbled all around.

Former shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander lost Paisley and Renfrewshire South to the SNP’s Mhairi Black, who at 20 becomes the youngest MP in the House of Commons since 1667.

Former shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran lost Glasgow East.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hailed her party’s 56-seat haul as a “historic watershed.”

She said: “Labour has been losing touch with the Scottish people over many years now” and they had now “put their trust in the SNP.”

Ms Sturgeon added: “This election wasn’t about independence. The government at Westminster cannot ignore what has happened in Scotland. People have voted overwhelmingly for Scotland’s voice to be heard and for an end to austerity.”

In the extraordinary rout, the labour and trade union movement lost stalwart socialists in Parliament, notably Katy Clark in North Ayrshire and Arran and Ian Davidson in Glasgow South West.

Ms Clark said Labour had “failed to live up to its socialist roots” and called for a renewed fight.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay said: “This now requires the most full, frank and honest debate about the future of the Scottish Labour Party — our very survival is at stake.”

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Lib Dem humiliation compounded by 170k lost in deposits

Saturday 9th May 2015

THE Lib Dems’ finances have taken a heavy hit from the loss of deposits after their humiliating general election defeat left them with just eight parliamentary seats and triggered the resignation of leader Nick Clegg.

The crushing Tory victory forced the deputy prime minister to quit the party leadership, although he retained his Sheffield Hallam seat.

To add insult to injury, the party is out of pocket to the tune of £170,000 after 335 candidates who took less than 5 per cent of the votes cast forfeited their £500 deposit.

Forty-nine seats that gave them a chance to form a Conservative-led coalition in 2010 were snatched away, leaving just a scattering of Lib Dem constituencies across the country.

The former deputy prime minister — who was strongly criticised for his U-turn decision on trebling tuition fees — looked crestfallen and exhausted while making a resignation speech.

He said: “Clearly, the results have been immeasurably more crushing and unkind than I ever could have feared.

“For that, of course, I must take responsibility and I will be resigning as leader of the Liberal Democrats.”

Lib Dem former business secretary Vince Cable was defeated by Tory challenger Tania Mathias by 25,580 votes to 23,563 in Twickenham, which he had held since 1997.

He was heavily criticised for his bargain-bin sell-off of Royal Mail and short-changing taxpayers of up to £1.2bn by pricing shares too cheaply.

A Communication Workers Union (CWU) spokesman said: “The Lib Dems have been punished for going into coalition with the Tories. Their credibility was badly damaged by trebling — instead of scrapping — university tuition fees.”

“As the main architects of Royal Mail privatisation, they were unpopular with many CWU members.”

Other Lib Dem Cabinet members turfed out of Parliament included former justice minister Simon Hughes and chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.

LIB DEM business minister Jenny Willott was the highest-profile casualty of the general election in Wales, writes Luke James. Ms Willott paid the price for her party propping up the Tories as an 11 per cent swing to Labour saw Jo Stevens claim the seat: here.

THE Greens led a clamour for electoral reform yesterday after a record one million votes across Britain left them with a single seat: here.

United States economist Paul Krugman on the British election results: here.

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  2. The aftermath of WW1 and WW2, the working class and the middle class, the lower class in the main fought in battles in the department of trench warfare and were more or less expendable fodder and the middle class more or less fought the battles in the air, also having in particular a short life span in the early part of WW2, the establishment such as the monarchy and the establishment such as the 1% who were more or less invisible in the 50s and early 60s, towards the end of the mid 60s, the screw became tightened, as the wars of the past became all part of history the so called gratefulness of those who gave their life become all part of something we now can get on and forget, the population in the immediate felt a feeling of togetherness to have survived, as time went by the 1% had to ask a existential question of what now? briefly the think tanks had to have a policy of what society is? this question was answered by having a increase in militaristic activity abroad, to consolidate and raise the standard of living on mainly borrowed money in the West, and to create the enemy without such as the Vietnam and now the Middle East, to amalgamate the population as the assumption they were a superior class to those who were to be destroyed abroad, and to create a class of individualism at home to isolate all people as to no longer being a class that can act towards being a threat to the 1%, so individualism can be seen with statements such as Margaret Thatcher, immortal statement “their is no society” this contrasts with the poster of WW1, Lord Kitchener’s poster call to arms “Your Country needs you” here you see how the population is at variance as to how the 1% wants to manipulate the mindset of society.
    At present and since the mid late 60s when the CIA and MI5 and 6, all of these intelligence services united with the Rockefeller’s, Rothschilds, all became united with old wealth united in corruption and those who had to become the victims such as those who no longer were considered worthy as being a contributor to no only the economic structure but most important no longer colluded with the mythology of what was considered correct, the riff raff are examples as victims as what will become of you if you do not toe the line of what is considered worthy?


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