13 thoughts on “British election results, comments

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  2. The aftermath of WW1 and WW2, the working class and the middle class, the lower class in the main fought in battles in the department of trench warfare and were more or less expendable fodder and the middle class more or less fought the battles in the air, also having in particular a short life span in the early part of WW2, the establishment such as the monarchy and the establishment such as the 1% who were more or less invisible in the 50s and early 60s, towards the end of the mid 60s, the screw became tightened, as the wars of the past became all part of history the so called gratefulness of those who gave their life become all part of something we now can get on and forget, the population in the immediate felt a feeling of togetherness to have survived, as time went by the 1% had to ask a existential question of what now? briefly the think tanks had to have a policy of what society is? this question was answered by having a increase in militaristic activity abroad, to consolidate and raise the standard of living on mainly borrowed money in the West, and to create the enemy without such as the Vietnam and now the Middle East, to amalgamate the population as the assumption they were a superior class to those who were to be destroyed abroad, and to create a class of individualism at home to isolate all people as to no longer being a class that can act towards being a threat to the 1%, so individualism can be seen with statements such as Margaret Thatcher, immortal statement “their is no society” this contrasts with the poster of WW1, Lord Kitchener’s poster call to arms “Your Country needs you” here you see how the population is at variance as to how the 1% wants to manipulate the mindset of society.
    At present and since the mid late 60s when the CIA and MI5 and 6, all of these intelligence services united with the Rockefeller’s, Rothschilds, all became united with old wealth united in corruption and those who had to become the victims such as those who no longer were considered worthy as being a contributor to no only the economic structure but most important no longer colluded with the mythology of what was considered correct, the riff raff are examples as victims as what will become of you if you do not toe the line of what is considered worthy?


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