Helping refugees is ‘terrorism’, British government says

This video from Britain says about itself:

London – Calais Refugee Aid convoy supplies #2

9 August 2015

More supplies for our aid convoy to refugees in ‘The Jungle’ Calais. Please donate to our campaign on fundraising ends Tuesday evening. Donate now: here.

The British government’s definition of ‘terrorism’ is … let us say … extremely wide. It includes opposing ISIS terrorism in Syria; journalism, by the BBC or by others; and singing a punk rock song.

Now, one more ‘terrorist’ activity, according to the upside down standards of David Cameron’s Britain: helping refugees.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Terror law used to hold volunteer pair after Calais mission

Saturday 7th November 2015

Border staff try to intimidate activists after trip to refugee camp

POLICE used anti-terror laws to detain British volunteers returning from a visit to a French refugee camp.

Two members of the London 2 Calais convoy, which regularly drives donations and volunteers to the camp, known as the Jungle, on the outskirts of the Channel port town, revealed yesterday how they had been held at the border for over three hours.

The group was detained under schedule seven of the Terrorism Act 2000 before they were allowed to board a Channel ferry and asked a series of bizarre questions.

London 2 Calais founder Syed Bokhari told the Star that he had been particularly targeted.

He added: “I think it’s because I’m an Asian man, I’m a Muslim.

“I think that if it was somebody else that was driving that car or leading that team, that was a white person or wasn’t from an Asian background, perhaps they wouldn’t have used the terrorism law.

“They basically were trying to intimidate us in terms of who we worked with, what our plans are and asking all sorts of strange, in some cases perverse, questions about what we were doing and our relationships to each other.”

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