Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour election victory in England

This video says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn speaks to 100,000 at Refugees Welcome Here rally

2 September 2015

On the day he was elected leader of the Labour Party, 12 September 2015, Jeremy Corbyn spoke at the huge demonstration in London at which over 100,000 people expressed their solidarity with refugees. It was his first public appearance after he won the leadership vote.

After British Labour Party left winger Jeremy Corbyn was elected overwhelmingly as the new party leader, media pundits and rival politicians immediately started to attack him.

Corbyn, they said, was an ‘extremist’. He -shock horror- did not like Trident nuclear weapons and nuclear war, like a proper politician should. He -shock horror- did not like starting another war, this time on Syria, like a proper politician should. He -shock horror- did not pander to racism and hatred of refugees, like a proper politician should. He -shock horror- did not support austerity and attacking poor people, like a proper politician should.

The Conservative party claimed that Corbyn being party leader made Labour unelectable, and would drive many traditional Labour voters to the supposedly ‘moderate’ Tories.

The Liberal Democratic party, badly beaten at the general election for breaking their promises and joining a coalition government with the Conservatives, claimed that Corbyn being party leader made Labour unelectable, and would drive many traditional Labour voters to them. In fact, Corbyn’s victory made some Liberal Democrats cross over to Labour.

All these predictions could be tested in practice yesterday. Then, there was a by-election in Oldham West and Royton, because local Labour MP Michael Meacher had died.

Just after the terrorist murders in Paris, and the British government starting war on Syria, which they claimed was a good reaction to the Paris bloodshed. After a debate on starting another bloody war in which both Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and a Blairite right winger within Corbyn’s own Labour party had smeared Corbyn as supposedly a sympathizer with ISIS terrorism. Media pundits expected that Blairites obstructing Corbyn would make a bad impresssion, of a hopelessly divided party, on traditional Labour voters in Oldham West and Royton.

Well, what happened in Oldham West and Royton to the Conservative party predictions? Let us compare yesterday’s by-election with the general election results of earlier this year. The Conservative party vote went from 8,187 votes to 2,596 votes now. Their percentage went from 19% to 9%. 91% of voters apparently did not like David Cameron’s government.

What happened in Oldham West and Royton to the Liberal Democratic party predictions? Their party lost votes as well: from 1,589 to 1,024 votes. 3,7% of the vote. They lost their deposit.

Well, most pundits did not expect the main challenge to Labour in Oldham West and Royton would come from the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats. They expected it would come from the xenophobic UKIP party. They expected that UKIP ‘Muslim=terrorist‘ rhetoric might seem more credible after the Paris atrocities. After all, the neo-nazi party BNP used to get more votes in Oldham West and Royton than nationally. The UKIP candidate attacked Corbyn and Labour for being ‘soft’ on terror; and on refugees. The only UKIP Member of Parliament voted for starting war on Syria. Like the Cameron government in Britain, and xenophobic politician Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, he loves wars, but hates the refugees from those wars. UKIP campaigned very actively to win this by-election.

The Independent is not the most right-wing daily in Britain. What did they expect about Labour and UKIP in Oldham West and Royton?

They claimed:

How did the UKIP ‘threat’ to Labour turn out in practice?

UKIP lost votes. From 8,892 to 6,487 votes.

Labour won the election. Though they lost votes too (as usually in a by-election). But their percentage of the vote rose from 54,8% for the late well-known Michael Meacher then to 62,1% for newbie Jim McMahon now. This victory surprised, eg, the BBC.

Will this stop the anti-Corbyn smear attacks? It should. But don’t bet on it.

POLLSTERS and politicians were left with egg on their faces yesterday after Labour stormed to victory in its first electoral test under Jeremy Corbyn. YouGov’s Peter Kellner, Ukip leader Nigel Farage and Labour rightwinger Simon Danczuk were among naysayers who predicted disaster for the party in Thursday’s Oldham West & Royton by-election. But their prophecies of doom were blown apart by a 7 per cent swing to Labour that left Ukip trailing by over 10,000: here.

Watch Nicky Morgan being booed for repeating David Cameron’s ‘terrorist sympathiser’ slur on Jeremy Corbyn: here.

SHADOW chancellor John McDonnell dismissed claims yesterday that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s position had been undermined by the vote to bomb Syria. He said that Mr Corbyn retains the support of the “overwhelming majority” of the Labour Party over his opposition to the air strikes: here.

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  4. Saturday, 5 December 2015

    Labour landslide victory in Oldham West

    PARTY leader Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour’s win in the Oldham West and Royton by-election shows its ‘strength and the appeal of its anti-austerity message’.

    The result is a blow to the Labour right wing and media who had been calling for his head after Wednesday’s Syria war vote. Visiting the constituency, Corbyn hailed it as an ‘incredible’ result. The Labour candidate Jim McMahon secured a 10,722-vote majority over UKIP’s John Bickley, and a 62% vote share that was higher than at the general election.

    The Tories were driven into third place and the LibDems lost their deposit. The by-election was triggered by the death of long-serving Labour MP Michael Meacher, who won the seat at May’s general election with a 14,738 majority.

    McMahon said he had ‘delivered a result that Michael would be proud of’. Labour’s majority was lower this time around but the party ended up with a higher vote share as the turnout, just over 40%, was lower than at May’s poll.

    Appearing at a rally in the constituency to congratulate McMahon, Corbyn said: ‘Labour victory in Oldham West and Royton is a ringing endorsement for Jim McMahon and the campaign we have been running since September against this Government’s cuts to Tax Credits and policing – and its damaging austerity policies.

    ‘On a wet Thursday in December, the people of Oldham West and Royton have turned out in their thousands and voted for a Labour Party that is offering a real choice: between the politics of the few peddled by David Cameron and George Osborne – and the better, fairer Britain Labour stands for.

    ‘The people of Oldham chose Labour values and Labour’s vision for the future. By increasing our share of the vote since the General Election, voters in Oldham have demonstrated that Labour is the real party of working people.

    ‘We will now take our winning arguments to every constituency in the country – to convince the electorate, as we have in Oldham, that only Labour can deliver the economic and social justice our country is crying out for.’


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  9. Saturday 12th December 2015

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    Bitter Ukip leader’s Oldham comments dismissed

    UKIP chiefs admitted yesterday that they have not found evidence to substantiate Nigel Farage’s allegation that electoral fraud caused a crushing by-election defeat.

    Mr Farage claimed he had evidence from “impeccable sources” that “bent” postal votes skewed the result of last week’s Oldham West and Royton by-election.

    Despite his predictions that Ukip could make a breakthrough, Ukip candidate John Bickley finished more than 10,000 votes behind Labour victor Jim McMahon.

    The Ukip leader vowed to call in the police to examine the “very odd things” he alleged took place at polling stations.

    But over a week after he made the threat, the Morning Star can reveal that no complaint has been received by the Greater Manchester Police, Oldham Council or the Electoral Commission.

    The Electoral Commission even confirmed that it had proactively contacted Ukip to “see if it had any evidence that it would like to share.”

    The Star asked Ukip why it had failed to act on its accusations. A spokesman said: “We said we would look at the evidence we’ve got and if it was satisfactory we would go to the police.

    “Honestly I don’t know how far that has got. It was a question of digging into the evidence.

    “It’s one thing to have anecdotal evidence and another having something to say.”

    Mr Farage had claimed that Labour had exploited “some really quite big ethnic changes now in the way people are voting.

    “In some of these seats where people don’t speak English and they sign up to postal votes,” he said.

    “Effectively the electoral process is now dead.”

    Even Ukip deputy chair Suzanne Evans dismissed the comments at the time, warning her party “risked just sounding like bad losers.”

    And shadow Cabinet Office minister Jonathan Ashworth said yesterday that Ukip’s failure to make a formal complaint showed Mr Farage’s comments were just “offensive bluster.”

    He told the Star: “I think we all know what Ukip were trying to suggest.

    “But the fact that they haven’t actually got any evidence to make an official complaint just shows they were making cheap accusations.”


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  12. Saturday 19th December 2015

    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    OH DEAR, oh dear, oh dear … poor Nigel Farage, the Ukip Fuehrer just can’t seem to get a break these days.

    Beaten out of sight in Oldham by a resurgent Labour in the recent by-election and now getting the full Caesar treatment from the party’s only MP.

    “I came, I saw, I cocked up spectacularly.”

    I know what you’re thinking, if only there had been some indication that two faced Tory defector Douglas Carswell had a track-record for disloyalty.

    Yes the political weathercock, whose luring into the fold was seen as such a feather in the collective Ukip hat at the last election, has once again about-faced and stabbed his leader in the back in ruthless fashion.

    In an interview with BBC Essex, Clacton MP Carswell said that Farage had taken the party as far as he could and Ukip needed to “change gear.”

    Is it just me or did that sound like a hint that he wants to replace Farage with Jeremy Clarkson?

    He went on: “We all

    need to think very carefully as to whether or not we can build beyond the base we have now got without that change.”

    He said the party should avoid being seen as “unpleasant” and “socially illiberal.”

    Good luck with that, they’re its main selling points.

    Instead, Mr Carswell suggested Ukip would make a breakthrough in the polls if it was an “optimistic, sunshine, smiley, socially liberal, unapologetically free-market party.”

    Eh? Er, isn’t that the … Lib Dems?

    Then, hilariously and with no sense of irony, Carswell came out with: “I am 100 per cent Ukip and I’m very committed to Ukip, I’m not going anywhere.”

    Now where have we heard that before? About two minutes before he jumped ship the last time, I seem to recall. It could happen to anyone Nige, but it doesn’t, does it? It happens to you. Again and again.

    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” was the sage advice issued to would-be despots by arch political manipulator Niccolo Machiavelli.

    But then he wasn’t dealing with the Tories. If he had been he would no doubt have counselled: “Don’t let the slippery bastards anywhere near you.”

    Thatcher found that one out the hard way.

    Farage would perhaps have done better to heed another ancient maxim: “Never take an idiot along on a journey, you can always pick one up when you get there.”


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  15. Labour MP Simon Danczuk has been suspended by the party after newspaper allegations about his private life.

    The Sun alleged he exchanged explicit text messages with a 17-year-old girl.

    On Twitter, the Rochdale MP said the story was “not entirely accurate” but referred to “an extremely low point” in his life.

    He said he apologised unreservedly for his “inappropriate” behaviour, adding: “I was stupid [and] there’s no fool like an old fool.”

    A Labour Party spokesman said: “The general secretary of the Labour Party has today suspended Simon Danczuk’s membership of the party, pending an investigation into allegations published in the media today.

    “A full investigation will now take place under the authority of the National Executive Committee, which will be responsible for determining any further action.”

    Mr Danczuk, who separated from his wife earlier this year, has been the MP for Rochdale since 2010.

    The backbencher has been a strong critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his predecessor Ed Miliband, and has carried out a high-profile campaign to expose historical child abuse.

    In his statement on Twitter, he added: “I’m more saddened that this episode could overshadow the important work we’re doing to help Rochdale [and] that’s where my focus lies.”

    As a consequence of his suspension, Mr Danczuk has had the Labour whip withdrawn, meaning he will sit as an independent MP.


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