NATO’s Libyan child soldier, Ariana Grande concert terrorist

This ABC News video says about itself:

22 May 2017

At an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in England, at least 19 are dead, 50 injured following an explosion.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Manchester bomb attacker was rescued from Libya by British

The man who committed a suicide attack last year in the Manchester Arena was rescued by the British Navy four years ago from the civil war in Libya. The Daily Mail and The Independent report that the suicide bomber Salman Abedi was one of 100 residents of the United Kingdom who were evacuated by the warship Enterprise.

The Enterprise brought the group to Malta; they flew to England from there. Abedi, who has Libyan parents, was in Libya with his younger brother on holiday in August 2014. That was when heavy fighting broke out. British diplomats arranged the evacuation of residents of the United Kingdom.

Here, the NOS report forgets that not only did the British armed forces, in a broader sense: the British government, bring Salman Albedi out of the 2014 bloody fighting in Libya to Britain. Three years earlier, in 2011, the British ‘intelligence’ service, in a broader sense: the British government, had spirited Abedi away from Britain to Libya, to serve as child soldier cannon fodder in NATO’s Libya war. That hellish war completely fucked up child soldier Abedi’s mind and paved the way for him perpetrating the horrible Ariana Grande concert bloodbath.

The attack in Manchester at the end of the concert of Ariana Grande cost the lives of 22 people. Among the dead were seven children, the youngest one was 8.

The British security services were already monitoring Salman Abedi, but the investigation had been halted a month before his evacuation. That decision was later reviewed and approved.

The Daily Mail quotes a government official in London who says that the bloodbath by Abedi must be seen as an ultimate apostle Judas-like betrayal in the light of his rescue from Libya.

Yes, Mr government official: there is a word for this: ‘blowback‘. Blowback from British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s war on Libya. Like the blowback from British Blairite Prime Minister Tony Blair’s war on Iraq, which caused the rise of ISIS terrorism.

Abedi’s brother Hashem is held in Libya by a militia. The British request for extradition has been rejected.

British police and intelligence forces were revealed last week to be using children as spies. The filthy practice affects an unknown number of young people and has been ongoing for an unknown time period. Some child spies are reported to be under 16 years of age. The exposure only came to public attention because of concerns raised by the House of Lords committee charged with scrutinising secondary legislation: here.

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