Wigeon and tufted ducks

This video is called WigeonsAnas penelope.

Today, 25 October 2015, to Waterland, the region just north of Amsterdam city (partially part of Amsterdam local authority).

Near a ship close to the Schellingwoude bridge, about a dozen tufted ducks resting in the water.

As the walked along the IJsselmeer dike to Durgerdam, starlings sitting on top of masts of yachts.

Between Durgerdam and Ransdorp, about a hundred wigeons in a ditch and on its banks.

From the hide: grey lag geese, grey heron.

Just before Ransdorp: a great egret flying.

Back to Schellingwoude. A male gadwall duck swimming in
a canal.

Mute swans in a ditch.

A flock of Egyptian geese in a meadow.

A great crested grebe swimming.

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