Anti-refugee policies and wars, 1915-2015

This video says about itself:

Cutting Through Hungary’s Razor Wire Fence: Breaking Borders (Dispatch 6)

20 September 2015

As Hungary cracked down on its border policies this week, those seeking refuge in Europe made one last push before their route was altered permanently.

The tightening of the Hungarian frontier on Tuesday marked a crucial shift in the migrants’ journey, leaving them in limbo and forcing many to divert through Croatia, or cutting the fence separating Serbia and Hungary and risking significant jail time.

VICE News followed refugees the day before, seeing the desperate measures migrants and refugees resort to, and talking to those who had made the journey from Syria, trying to beat the deadline.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

EU wants to end refugees passing through Balkans

Today, 14:59

The European Union will this week send 400 border guards to the southwestern Balkans to regulate the influx of refugees. This is stated in the draft which the leaders of the Balkans later this afternoon should agree to during their consultations with the European Commission in Brussels.

The draft statement also says that Brussels is working on measures for rejected asylum seekers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and other Asian countries to be sent back more quickly to their own countries.

Let us look at these countries, supposedly ‘safe’ according to European Union bureaucrats: bloody war in Pakistan.

Bloody war in Afghanistan, where war planes bomb hospitals.

Bloody war in Iraq, by ISIS, various militias, NATO warplanes

This 25 October 2015 Dutch video is about the commemoration at the Dutch-Belgian border of the deathly fence built by the German army there 100 years ago.

Let us go back 100 years. Also from NOS TV (translation):

A fence with 2000 volts to stop refugees

Today, 17:24

This year it is a hundred years ago that on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium, a fence was erected, which was under electric power. A fence of 350 kilometers from the Belgian coast to Vaals in Limburg province. It was built by the Germans, who occupied most of Belgium during the First World War. They wanted to prevent Belgians from crossing the border with the neutral Netherlands.

To commemorate the construction of the fence between Zundert in North Brabant and Wuustwezel in Belgium a monument has been erected. There is a reconstruction of a piece of wire and a memorial field.

2000 volts

The wire had to stop German deserters and Belgians who wanted to join the Belgian army which fought alongside the British in the unoccupied south-west corner of Belgium. There were man-high piles there coated with lethal wires, with 2,000 volts going through. The electric fence was between two normal fences.

The lightest touch with the wires was instantly fatal. “Your guts were boiled,” said historian John Frijters. …

How many people were killed by the “Todesstreifen” has never been known precisely. There were at least hundreds. Moreover, many refugees were unable to have contact with their families on the other side of the wire. And also Belgian refugees in the Netherlands who wanted to go back home could not do that because of the fence anymore. So, the existence of the Wire of Death had far-reaching consequences. …

To mark the border volunteers today planted white crocus bulbs, over a distance of 10 km. The flowers will start coming into bloom next year. This is also the time when the construction of the Death Wire was completed 100 years ago.

Australian government sends [refugee] alleged rape victim back to detention on Nauru: here.

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