Herons, hare and barnacle geese

Common gull, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

Still, 16 November 2013 in Zeevang nature reserve. After our earlier time there, to the IJsselmeer lake coast. Near a harbour, someone feeds birds. It attracts mallards and black-headed gulls. And some common gulls. A tufted duck swims there as well.

Grey lag geese, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

Outside the harbour, grey lag geese swim.

Hare, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

Inland, there are meadows. On the bank of a canal, a hare tries to look very inconspicuous.

Grey heron, Zeevang, 16 November 2013

On the other bank of the canal, a grey heron.

Barnacle geese, with wigeons in the background, Zeevang

On the meadow, many barnacle geese, and some Canada geese.

Northern lapwings, Zeevang

Many northern lapwings flying around.

Northern lapwings flying, Zeevang

Finally, to the harbour of Edam. Common polypody ferns on the harbour walls. A great black-backed gull swims.

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