Racist lynching of refugee in Israel, petition

This video says about itself:

Israel: mob lynchеs Eritrean after bus station аttаck.

19 October 2015

By Vardit Shalfy in Israel:

Hundreds of Israeli citizens sign petition demanding compensation for family of Eritrean citizen lynched in Beersheba

Press release 24.10

“Hundreds have already signed our petition, within hours from the moment it was launched, and signatures keep coming”, say the initiators of a public campaign demanding that the Israeli government grant a terror victim status to Habtom Zarhum, the victim of the lynching in Beersheba, and compensate his family accordingly.

“When it was made clear that he was a completely innocent man, the State of Israel itself should have assumed immediate responsibility and do the required minimum. It turns out that our state is incapable even of that, based on a formalistic argument that “the law does not allow that”. This attempt to dodge its responsibility amounts to a continuation of the lynching act, this time at the hands of heartless bureaucrats serving the State.

The petition addresses the President of Israel, the Welfare Minister, the Director of the National Insurance Institute, copying the United Nations High commissioner for Refugees. The text read: “Habtom Zarhum, an Eritrean citizen fleeing a despotic regime in his homeland and trying in vain to find a safe haven in the State of Israel, was the victim of a horrific lynching in Beer Sheva. The State of Israel bears responsibility for his death. Israeli citizens killed him brutally, Israeli citizens who became a rampaging, bloodthirsty and merciless mob. Government and “opposition” politicians, who issued explicit calls for the killing of those who do not constitute a threat, share the responsibility for his death.

The very little that the Israeli government can do is to recognize him as a terror victim and provide his family with the required support. If this cannot be done within the current law, this shameful law must be changed – at once!”

For details: Ofer – +972-(0)544-740825 (preferably by text message first)

Link to the online petition: here.

Asylum seekers mourn ‘lynched’ Eritrean man. Asylum seekers hold a memorial service for Habtom Zerhum, who was mistakenly shot and then severely beaten by Israelis at the scene of a terrorist attack in Be’er Sheva earlier in the week: here.

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