Black terns and grasshopper warblers

This video is about a black tern on its nest.

20 June 2015: to the Ooijpolder nature reserve, just east of Nijmegen city in the Netherlands.

On a sandy bank of the Waal river, mallards and a carrion crow.

Barn swallows flying around.

A whitethroat sings. So does a reed bunting.

A white stork flying.

Sound of a chiffchaff. And of a grasshopper warbler. A rare bird in the Netherlands, but here there are several.

In the Oude Waal, a lake which used to be the river bed long ago, tufted ducks swim. And a great crested grebe couple with four chicks.

A jay and a magpie flying. A cuckoo calling.

Flowering rush flowers.

A flock of goldfinches flying past.

A red-tailed bumblebee on a flower.

A reed warbler sings.

On the south side of the Oude Waal lake, a common tern flying. Also some black terns. A bit further, there is a black tern nesting colony on small artificial islands. Parents feed chicks.

Two spoonbills. Grey lag geese.

A shelduck couple with five ducklings, already not much smaller than their parents.

Three redshanks on the bank.

A hare running through the grass.

When we are almost back in Nijmegen, about twenty lapwings flying.


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