Great reed warbler, Eurasian reed warbler ringed, photos

Great reed warbler and Eurasian reed warbler, Oostvaardersplassen, 23 August 2014

This is a photo of a great reed warbler, and of a smaller Eurasian reed warbler, in a bird ringer‘s hands at a ringing station of Dutch SOVON ornithologists in Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve in the Netherlands, on 23 August 2014. Like all pictures in this blog post, it is a cellphone camera photo.

Before I will tell you why these two birds are so special, I will tell how we got there.

Walking to the ringing place, we saw a red fox.

A sand martin flying past.

Then, we arrived at the bird ringing. Something really special: a great reed warbler had flown into the ringers’ net. This is a really rare species in the Netherlands. It was the ringers’ only great reed warbler of that day. This young bird was born this year, as its feathers showed.

Great reed warbler and Eurasian reed warbler, in Oostvaardersplassen, on 23 August 2014

The Eurasian reed warbler in the ringer’s other hand was an adult bird. Maybe two years old, maybe ten.

Great reed warbler with ring, and Eurasian reed warbler, in Oostvaardersplassen, on 23 August 2014

80% of the birds caught on 23 August were Eurasian reed warblers. Only two of them adults; the rest juveniles. Adult reed warblers usually start their migration to Africa earlier than juveniles.

Some other bird species were caught on 23 August: bluethroat; tree pipit; sedge warbler.

After the ringing and making of notes, all birds were freed to continue their long journey to Africa. If one of these birds will ever be found again, than that will contribute to more knowledge about that individual bird and its species; helping with conservation.

Bird ringers' net, Oostvaardersplassen, 23 August 2014

A marsh harrier flew over the ringing station.

What happened, as we walked back from the ringing place? Stay tuned!

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