Sedge warblers and curlews

Nieuwkoopse Plassen, 19 May 2013

On 19 May 2013, again to the Nieuwkoopse Plassen nature reserve.

Early in the morning, we arrive in Noorden village, where our boat trip will start.

Starlings. A cuckoo calls.

Collared doves. Greenfinch.

A great crested grebe swimming. Egyptian geese on the bank.

Curlew on meadow, 19 May 2013

A curlew near a boat landing.

Sedge warblers. Chiffchaffs.

A common tern.

Tufted ducks swimming.

Great cormorants flying.

Black-headed gulls fly near their colony

Black-headed gulls fly to their nesting colony, close to here.

A reed bunting.

Curlew, Nieuwkoopse Plassen, 19 May 2013

Another curlew on the bank.

A marsh warbler singing.

A Savi’s warbler singing.

A blackcap singing.

A song thrush.

A gadwall male swimming.

Black-headed gull on pole, 19 May 2013

A black-headed gull on a pole points out which way the boat should go.

A barn swallow.

Egyptian goose, 19 May 2013

An Egyptian goose with a gosling.

Gadwall duck male, Nieuwkoopse Plassen, 19 May 2013

Another gadwall duck male.

Water lily leaves, 19 May 2013

Water lilies just emerging from their underwater wintering. Most leaves still red; no flowers yet.

A coypu swimming. Or was it a muskrat, another, smaller, invasive rodent?

A curlew on an earth hillock.

Sedge warbler on reed stem, 19 May 2013

First, sedge warblers on reed stems.

Sedge warbler still on reed stem, 19 May 2013

Then, a sedge warbler on a stump.

Sedge warbler on stump, 19 May 2013

A black tern flying.

Canada goose, 19 May 2013

Two Canada geese swimming.

Stay tuned, as there will be more on this.

23 thoughts on “Sedge warblers and curlews

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