Migrating mandarin duck shot

This is a mandarin duck video.

Translated from the Dutch ornithologists of SOVON:

15/03/2012 – On October 15, 2011 a ringed mandarin duck was shot in Randers, Nordjylland, Denmark. A year earlier, on September 21, 2010, the unfortunate victim had been ringed in Slovakia.

That mandarin ducks are long distance migrants is proven by a message on the site of Frank Majoor. The site contains a report of a juvenile male ringed with ring number 5229255 on 08/10/2005 in Velp (Gelderland province in the Netherlands). That duck was seen again in Arnhem / Velp on 09/25/2005, 15-10-2005, 28.10.2005, 03.08.2006 and 03.12.2006. Then, never again, until its death was reported on 13 September 2008 from Svorksjoen, Sor-Trondelag, Norway. This is 1259 km away from where the bird had been ringed!

Talking about birds: the song thrush sang outside my window today.

7 thoughts on “Migrating mandarin duck shot

    • So do I! On a world scale, mandarin ducks are not only beautiful, but rather rare. They also have interesting nesting behaviour. unlike most ducks, they nest in trees.


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