Unknown bird facts

This 2016 Dutch video is about City Park Sonsbeek (Sonsbeekpark), Arnhem, The Netherlands.

On 26 March this year, Koos Dansen lectured in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, about birds in Arnhem, his city.

Translated from the report about that lecture by Yvonne Zwikker, some facts about birds:

nuthatches, if given the chance, use bark of Scots pine trees as nesting material

– the increase in the number of great spotted woodpeckers has a connection with nineteen seventies neighbourhoods in which the trees are aging now

– in the Netherlands about 400 mandarin duck couples have been counted. The world population is 10,000 pairs

Roots magazine has declared that Sonsbeek [in Arnhem] is the most beautiful park of the Netherlands

– the middle spotted woodpecker nests in Sonsbeek

crested tits in the Netherlands do not use nest boxes, but in Poland they do

bullfinches will only start eating guelder rose fruits after they have been frozen

– in the Schuytgraaf district, fifty meters from the railway station, on fallow land, the bluethroat has been observed

– in areas where the construction of a new neighborhood has been interrupted, opportunities come for birds, though this is often temporary

– during the Whitsun weekend, 25 sand martins started nesting in a sand wall in the district Schuytgraaf which is under construction. At the request of Koos Dansen the work was suspended for three months

– large numbers of spoonbills nesting in the Blauwe Kamer nature reserve are foraging in the greenhouse area Bergerden

– spoonbills are feasting on American crayfish

avocet couples after mating kiss each other with their bills

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