US fundamentalist Christians persecute gay Ugandans


From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Gay activists begin Lively legal action in Uganda

Thursday 15 March 2012

by Our Foreign Desk

An African gay rights group filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts on Wednesday against a US evangelist over allegations that he has waged a decade-long campaign to persecute homosexuals in Uganda.

The suit was filed in federal court in Springfield against minister Scott Lively under a statute that Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMU) says allows non-citizens to file US court actions for violations of international law.

The complaint claims Mr Lively issued a call in Uganda to fight against a “genocidal” and “paedophilic” gay movement, which he reportedly likened to “the nazis and Rwandan murderers.”

The suit asks for a judgement that his alleged incitement is illegal and violates international law and human rights.

Senior SMU activist Frank Mugisha said the group was targeting Mr Lively for “helping spread propaganda and violence” against Uganda’s gay community, which endures widespread discrimination and legal restrictions. “We hope that he will be held accountable for what he did in Uganda,” said Mr Mugisha. “We want to send out a clear message to him and to others.”

Mr Lively of Abiding Truth Ministries is one of a handful of US pastors whom Ugandan gay activists accuse of having helped draft the original version of the African country’s draconian anti-homosexuality Bill.

The Bill called for the death penalty for Aids sufferers convicted of having had sex with a member of the same sex. It has since been revamped to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment as a maximum sentence.

About 70 protesters marched about half a mile from the US District Court in Springfield to Mr Lively’s business, the Holy Grounds Coffee House.

They dressed in black and beat drums, carrying signs with the names of persecuted Ugandans and coffins to symbolise the scores of gay people who have been killed by bigots in the developing country.

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This video is called Frank Mugisha of Sexual Minorities Uganda Sends Message to EQUAL Youth and Supporters.

Uganda will pass a new law against homosexuality by the end of 2012 as a “Christmas gift” to its advocates, the speaker of parliament has said: here.

No Contraceptives Means More Illegal Abortions in Uganda: here.

USA: Gay Marriage Effort Attracts a Novel Group of Donors. Adam Nagourney and Brooks Barnes, The New York Times News Service: “[There is a] dramatic evolution of a behind-the-scenes fund-raising network whose goal is to legalize same-sex marriage from coast to coast…. They come from Hollywood, yes, but also from Wall Street and Washington and the corporate world; there are Republicans as well as Democrats; and perhaps most strikingly, longtime gay organizers said, there has been an influx of contributions from straight donors unlike anything they have seen before”: here.

Kony 2012 group on the defensive amid WikiLeaks spy rumors: here.

Is homophobia an expression of repressing same sex desire? New studies say yes. Here.

Two men were charged with a federal hate crime on Thursday for assaulting a gay man, marking the first time that the law has been applied in a US case alleging homophobia: here.

16 thoughts on “US fundamentalist Christians persecute gay Ugandans

  1. Electorate rejects gay adoption

    SLOVENIA: Sunday’s national referendum saw voters reject a new family law which included a highly contested clause that would allow same-sex couples to adopt children in some cases.

    The law drafted by Slovenia’s former centrist government — and opposed by conservatives close to the Catholic Church — would have allowed gay couples to adopt the biological children of their partners. It did not allow the adoption of children from a third party.

    With 98 per cent of the vote counted, about 55 per cent of those who took part in the referendum rejected the law while about 45 supported it, the state referendum commission said. Turnout was believed to be in the region of 26 per cent.


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    Whilst many African leaders have expressed resentment at Western condemnation of LGBT rights violations in their countries, at the same time they have enthusiastically welcomed American Christian evangelical colonialists into their countries who have made Africa their virulently anti-gay project in recent years. And these same African leaders have routinely propagated a distorted revisionist version of colonial history and advanced the ideological prejudice that homosexuality is ‘un-African’, and a ‘Western sickness’ new to the continent. Of course, the history of colonialism in Africa reveals that it was anti-homosexual legislation rather than homosexuality that was introduced by external forces, and homophobia is the remnant of old colonialism.
    And today, it is US-based evangelicals who have been working with religious and political leaders across Africa to make LGBT advocacy illegal and incite anti-gay genocide.

    In 2009, Zambian Reverend Kapya Kaoma wrote a salient report entitled “Globalizing the Culture Wars: U.S. Conservatives, African Churches, and Homophobia”. In this report, Kaoma argued that “Africa has become a key theater as the U.S. Right mobilize African clerics in U.S. culture war battles – in particular over the role of gay and lesbian people in the lives of church and society.” He described how American evangelists, faced with their failure to suppress homosexuality in the U.S., have taken their homophobic war overseas, and U.S. neo-conservative groups have enticed African clerics with financial incentives in return for support of their anti-gay agenda.
    Kaoma’s report details how an extremely influential, informal coalition of right-wing Roman Catholic, Mormon and Protestant evangelical groups – including the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), the Mormon-led Family Watch International, the Roman Catholic Human Life International, and the World Transformation Movement – continue to organize across Africa in their campaign for even harsher laws against LGBT people.

    On March 30 2012, LGBT rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda filed a U.S. federal lawsuit against anti-gay ‘Christian’ extremist and Holocaust revisionist Pastor Scott Lively, accusing him of violating international law by inciting the persecution of LGBT people in Uganda, and inciting Ugandan parliamentarians to further criminalize homosexuality. The lawsuit claims that beginning in 2002, Lively – noted for his involvement in the ex-gay movement and pro-family movement – conspired with religious and political leaders to whip up anti-gay hysteria in Uganda with warnings that homosexuals were a perilous threat to Ugandan culture and that homosexuals committed child rape and were “recruiting African children into homosexuality”. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that at a conference held in Kampala in 2009, Lively issued a call to fight against a ‘genocidal’ and ‘pedophilic’ gay movement, which he described as “the most dangerous social and political movement of our time” – and in doing so he is responsible for inciting the murder of LGBT rights activist David Kato in 2010. The lawsuit also names four Ugandan co-conspirators: – Christian evangelists Stephen Langa and Pastor Martin Ssempa, David Bahati MP, and James Buturo, the former Ugandan minister of ethics.

    Uganda’s now notorious Anti-Homosexuality ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill is still pending and if passed would impose life imprisonment on any person convicted of homosexual activity, and the death penalty for ‘repeat offenders’. Ugandans would be obliged to report any homosexual activity to the police within 24 hours or face up to three years in prison. The bill was held for further discussion for most of 2010, and in May 2011, parliament adjourned without a vote. However, in February 2012, David Bahati re-introduced the bill, which is currently listed under “business to follow”.

    Bahati, who introduced the Anti-Homosexuality bill in 2009, has been closely linked to a Washington-based secretive international Right-wing Christian organization called The Family (a.k.a. C- Street) – whose members include numerous neo-conservative U.S. politicians. This is the organization supposed to be the power exerting influence in the background. Bahati first floated the idea of executing homosexuals during The Family’s Uganda National Prayer Breakfast meeting in 2008. The Family is also believed to sponsor Pastor Dr. Martin Ssempa, leader of the Ugandan National Task Force Against Homosexuality, and notorious for showing scatophagic hard-core gay pornography in his church and at conferences to promote the ‘Kill the Gays’ bill.

    LGBT Ugandans are routinely denied health care and regularly sacked just for being LGBT. Many suffer brutal attacks but cannot report hate crimes to the police for fear of additional beatings, curative rape or arbitrary arrest by homophobic police officers.
    Nonetheless, resolute in their purpose, Ugandan LGBT rights activists continue to organize and fight for their human rights. Optimistically, in August 2012, in an outstanding show of defiance, almost 100 people marched in Uganda’s first ever LGBT Pride parade, and over a weekend of events in Entebbe, around 250 people came out to celebrate their existence on the banks of Lake Victoria. Thankfully, the weekend passed peacefully in spite of a police raid and arrests.

    And currently, LGBT rights activists Frank Mugisha, Kasha Jacqueline, Geoffrey Ogwaro and Pepe Julianare are suing the so-called Ugandan Minister of ethics and Integrity, the Rt. Rev. Father Simon Lokodo MP, and the Attorney General, Peter Nyombi, for the illegal infringement on their right of freedom of association and assembly under article 29 of the constitution of Uganda. In February 2012, Lokobo accompanied armed police to shut down a workshop for LGBT rights activists at a hotel in Entebbe and arrest prominent LGBT activist Kasha Jacqueline, who fled to avoid capture. During the raid, Lokobo told the workshop participants to leave or he would order the police to use force. “I have closed this conference because it’s illegal” he said, “We do not accept homosexuality in Uganda, so go back home”. The court case was adjourned in July until 24 September 2012 to allow the Attorney General more time to prepare his defence.

    Evangelists, including Scott Lively, and other religious fundamentalists and anti-democratic forces, have also been active in other countries around the world – including Russia, Moldova, the Ukraine, and Latvia – working with political leaders to help draft legislation to criminalize LGBT advocacy.


  4. Ugandan medics strike

    Around 150 medical staff, including nurses, doctors and paramedics at the Mbarara regional referral hospital, went on strike Monday. They were protesting the non-payment of wages from May to September and unauthorised deductions from their accounts by the employer. The employer said the deductions were to adjust earlier overpayments. The medics have not been issued with payslips since January of this year.


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