Cuckoo almost fledging, reed warblers’ new eggs

This 2014 video from the Netherlands is about a young cuckoo fed by its Eurasian reed warbler foster parent.

This blog has reported on the reed warbler nest in Gelderse Poort nature reserve in Gelderland province in the Netherlands in which a cuckoo’s egg was laid.

A storm damaged the nest, and the young cuckoo fell out of it, and was saved by bringing it to a bird hospital. Today, Dutch ANP news agency reports that the cuckoo is almost ready to fledge.

I hope the young bird will manage to make the long migration journey to Africa and back.

Meanwhile, the reed warbler couple has built a new nest, and are sitting on four reed warbler eggs.

8 thoughts on “Cuckoo almost fledging, reed warblers’ new eggs

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