Young webcam cuckoo saved

This 13 June 2017 video is about a young cuckoo in a reed warbler nest in Gelderse Poort nature reserve in Gelderland province in the Netherlands. The video shows the ringing of this cuckoo.

As this blog mentioned before, this reed warbler nest was the first ever nest in the world with a webcam showing what happened after a cuckoo egg was laid into it.

Unfortunately, on 14 June, the young cuckoo fell out of the nest because of wind. A webcam person, Bram Ubels, put it back into the nest. The next day, 15 June, the cuckoo fell out again. The nest was damaged, so the youngster could not be put back again. The young bird was cold and might have died soon. Now, it is recovering in a bird hospital.

Meanwhile, the reed warbler couple has started to build a new nest. The webcam is still there.


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