British Breeding Bird Survey news

This video is called Everyday British Birds.

From Rare Bird Alert in Britain:

Breeding Bird Survey 2015 – it’s almost here

The Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) season is already creeping up on us! What will it be like on BBS squares this year? So far, the winter has been mild in the UK, good news for our resident birds, but March has been known to surprise us with harsher weather. As for migrant birds, how are they faring in their wintering grounds?

The Nest Record Scheme (NRS) and Constant Effort Sites Scheme (CES) preliminary results show Reed Warbler, Blackbird and Bullfinch had very high productivity levels in 2014, the highest since CES began in 1983! Sedge Warblers had low abundance but good productivity and Robins had both increased abundance and high productivity, compared to previous years.

Citizen science birding data passes scientific muster. Amateur birders’ reports track trends in government bird surveys, could fill data gaps in developing nations: here.

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