Fox burrow webcam

This is a Dutch video on the Oostvaardersplassen foxes.

In Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve in the Netherlands, four webcams have been installed in and around an underground red fox burrow.

This is a first.

Beginning on 9 March, the webcams will start to works.

Update 31 May 2011: here.

In June 2011, the webcam closed down as the young foxes had left the nest.

This is a video of highlights of the Oostvaardersplassen fox webcam.

Update August 2011: here.

England: April 2011: Volunteer rescuers have spent nearly four-and-a-half hours trying to rescue three fox cubs in East Sussex: here.

13 thoughts on “Fox burrow webcam

  1. The best way for access to the dutch live fox webcams is via, where some background information in english is provided. We expect the birth of a litter in the first week of April.
    Jaap Mulder


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