English criminals’ horsemeat sold as Dutch ‘beef’

This video is called IKEA detected horsemeat in European meatballs.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“Selten horse meat from England”

Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 18:41

A criminal gang from England and Ireland delivered thousands of horses, mostly from Ireland, to meat processor Willy Selten in Oss. These were then mixed with beef, EenVandaag reports. The news show says so, basing itself on information from “British insiders”.

The meat was then sold as a hundred percent beef in the stores. Initially it was thought that horses came from Polish and Romanian slaughterhouses.

The kingpin in the scandal, according to these sources, is one of the most notorious English slaughterhouses: Red Lion in Cheshire, which is now closed. Hence, trucks transported the carcasses of horses, which were often unsuitable for consumption, to Oss. The route is said to have been recorded with GPS transmitters, mounted on trucks. It is not clear who did this.

The British and Irish authorities knew earlier than previously known about the criminal activities of the slaughterhouse, says the news show. Last year someone was arrested and convicted because he had ordered slaughter of horses which should not have been butchered, at Red Lion.

The animals had been administered the drug phenylbutazone, a substance which is dangerous to people. It can cause bone marrow cancer. Phenylbutazone residues, according to EenVandaag, have been found in several European countries in Willy Selten’s meat.

Research in the Netherlands has shown that more than a thousand restaurants, shops and butchers have sold meat from the meat processor in Oss. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, because of this, recalled 50 million kilogram of Selten’s meat.

Eventually, 1.5 million kilogram was actually traced. MEP Esther de Lange of the CDA party concludes from this that the rest, 48.5 million, was consumed.

Unbelievable Ways Companies Are Trying to Keep You From Seeing Where Your #Meat Comes From: here.

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