Horse meat fraud criminals arrested

This video by Mohammed Saleem in Britain says about itself:

Food Fraud: Horse meat and PORK DNA in BEEF BURGERS

19 January 2013

A recent Food Standards Agency Ireland have issued a report highlighting the problem in the food industry.

A total of 27 products were analysed, with 23 of them containing pork DNA.

In addition, 31 beef meal products, including cottage pie, beef curry pie and lasagna, were analysed, of which 21 tested positive for pig DNA.

The fact is that these products are adulterated, are in violation of secular law and the authorities have an obligation to investigate and remove these products regardless of whether it is a halal issue or not.

This is a major failure to maintain product integrity, with pork there is the additional concern that products can cause trichinosis.

In modern times, many of the trichinosis cases have come from under cooked beefburger from poorly cleaned out meat grinders.

We demand that FSA informs all communities of the issue and investigate the burger trade thoroughly and safeguards the population against such fraud and health risk by naming the companies involved in this trade in the UK, as a very large amount of beef products are imported from Ireland on a daily basis, also bearing in mind that one of the main culprits is also supplying halal products to multiple businesses.

We urge you to investigate and remove this brand or any other brands that have been identified and advise the Muslim community to remove contaminated products from their freezers and not to be consume them as this would be in breach of their religious dietary needs.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Dutchman led criminal gang, dozens of arrests

Today, 12:33

Adapted today, 13:29

Jan F., the meat trader from Breda who was arrested in Belgium in April, was the head of a major international gang of meat fraudsters. That’s what Europol police says after years of investigation.

The fraud began in 2013, when in Ireland horse meat was discovered in hamburgers which should only contain beef. In addition, the horse meat was not suitable for eating. There were also anti-inflammatory drugs [‘bute’] in the meat.

As a result of the scandal, 65 people were arrested in Spain. Police have also done searches in France, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Switzerland and Great Britain. Bank accounts, real estate and expensive cars have been seized.

F. is suspected of leading the gang from the Spanish Alicante region. Among other things, he is accused of fraudulent written statements, animal abuse and obstructing justice.

Old horses

The Spanish police arrested the gang in 2016 after it was discovered that deficient horse meat was traded. It turned out to be meat of Portuguese and Spanish horses that were actually too old or not suitable for consumption. From Spain, the meat went to Belgium where it was sold with false documents.

The 67-year-old F. has already been convicted in the Netherlands for selling horse meat as expensive halal beef. He made an estimated 2.6 million euros with that.

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