Ikea’s ‘moose’ lasagne contains pork

This video from Alaska says about itself:

Twin baby moose and mother playing in sprinkler in Anchorage, AK. June 2008.

After the horse meat scandals (including Ikea’s horse meat scandal), the donkey meat scandal, and the cat and dog meat scandals, now an elk meat scandal.

Note: the deer species called “elk” in Europe is called “moose” in North America. And North American “elk” are called wapiti deer in Europe and Asia.

From The Local in Sweden:

Pork found in Ikea’s elk lasagne

Published: 6 Apr 13 09:42 CET

Swedish furniture giant Ikea halted sales of elkmeat lasagnes across all its European stores after a batch tested positive for pork in a Belgian lab.

It was in late March that Belgian authorities discovered that the elk mince, produced by Swedish food manufacturer Familjen Dafgård and sold at Ikea stores, contained a bit over 1 percent pork, which is the limit for contamination of meat products.

An estimated 10,000 tonnes of lasagne stored in the furniture giant’s central warehouse and at its department stores have been blocked for sale, reported Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) on Saturday.

Ikea also withdrew a total of 17,600 packages of lasagne from its stores. All were produced at the Dafgård factory at the time the contamination is thought to have taken place.

Anders Lennartsson, head of sustainability at Ikea, told SvD that it is not yet clear how many packages of the pork-contaminate elk lasagne have been bought by customers, but he believes it’s a question of “small volumes”.

“The elkmeat lasagne production only started in January. Most products that could have traces of pork are in our warehouses and have not yet reached the department stores,” said Lennartsson.

Ikea decided to withdraw the elk lasagnes from all its European stores on the day the test results came in, but the company did not tell customers why it was doing so.

“We followed company routines,” said Lennartsson.

“Since there were still many question marks, there were no grounds for informing the public while the investigation was ongoing. Now that it has been confirmed we will see how we can best communicate this.”

Dafgård also ordered its own tests that revealed four cases where the elkmeat lasagne contained small amounts of beef or pork.

Dafgård put this down to a failure to clean the premises properly between the handling of different animals.

11 thoughts on “Ikea’s ‘moose’ lasagne contains pork

  1. Thank you for sharing this article and that amazing video. I have the hardest time watching beautiful loving creatures like that and thinking of them being destroyed for no reason at all.


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