Dung beetles prefer horse dung

This video is called True Facts About The Dung Beetle.

Translated from the FREE Nature conservationists in the Netherlands:

Monday, July 20th, 2015

An inventory of dung beetles in May and June at the Rozenburg Peninsula nature reserve shows a greater diversity of species of dung beetles in horse manure than in cattle manure. Not only were on average more species observed on horse manure, but also the numbers of beetles were higher.

Konik foal born, video

This video is about a konik horse foal being born, on 14 April 2015, in nature reserve Grensmaas in Limburg province in the Netherlands.

Laurent Beckers made this video.

Konik foal adopted by its grandmother

This video says about itself:

Konik horses at the river Maas in Maaseik, Belgium.

23 July 2013

The Konik was originally a wild or semi-wild horse held in Poland and Belarus. It is small in size. Koń is Polish for horse. Konik (konjiek) for little horse. The Konik is a descendant of the Tarpan, the wild European horse. They are imported from Poland.

Translated from FREE Nature in the Netherlands:

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Like any young animal, konik foals are also highly dependent on their mother. This also applies to a foal that was born two weeks ago in nature reserve Oranjezon. There was some doubt whether this foal got enough milk. A few days later the foal was suddenly in another harem. Particularly remarkable, however, was that the foal was walking with a mare from this other harem as if it was his own mother, and even drank that mare’s milk!

It turned out that the foal’s foster-mother was its grandmother.

Goose drives away horse, video

This video is about a goose driving away a pony in Gouderak, the Netherlands.

Hans Pols made the video.