British horse abuse

This 19 January 2013 video from England says about itself:

Footage shows stunned horse waking up just before it is about to have its throat cut

Two slaughtermen have been sacked after an undercover investigation exposed shocking cruelty to horses at an abattoir. The disturbing video shows them being beaten with metal poles and illegally stunned in groups of up to three at a time before being killed.

In one horrifying moment a stunned horse appears to regain consciousness, only to find itself hanging upside down and about to have its throat cut. They also saw horses which appeared to be sick or injured and hadn’t been immediately put down.

Founder Wendy Valentine, 63, told MailOnline: ‘We rescue around 700 horses a year and we were concerned about where we were saving them from.’ ‘It’s unbelievably depressing there. They shouldn’t be stunned or shot in front of each other like that. ‘It’s total disrespect for animal welfare.’

The scandal emerged as several British supermarkets have been exposed as selling frozen beef burgers which contain horse meat. The alert was first raised by Irish food watchdogs after horse DNA was found in burgers sold through Tesco, Iceland, Aldi, Lidl and Dunnes in Ireland. It subsequently emerged that burgers from the same batches were sold in the British outlets of both Tesco and Iceland. Incredibly, the beef content in one Everyday Value burger sold by Tesco was actually 29 per cent horse meat. The horses at the Red Lion Abattoir are believed to be butchered for European food markets.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Undercover film reveals abuse at horse abattoir

Sunday 20 January 2013

Two slaughtermen have had their licences withdrawn after being identified in shocking undercover footage showing appalling animal welfare conditions at a horse abattoir.

Horses at the Red Lion Abattoir near Nantwich, Cheshire, were shown being beaten with an iron rod and sticks to encourage them into pens.

The film recorded during an eight-week investigation by the Hillside Animal Sanctuary group also showed horses crammed into slaughter pens in pairs before being illegally stunned together.

Under the Welfare of Animals Regulations 1995, horses should not be slaughtered in sight of one another because of the distress it causes.

Both the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and RSPCA charity are investigating.

The FSA withdrew the licences of the two men after viewing the footage, which means they cannot continue to slaughter animals, and is considering prosecuting.

See also here.

19 thoughts on “British horse abuse

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  2. I had to take a few moments to collect myself before I made a comment or I would have loose a whole slew of obscenities…
    Something like this hits very close to home. My family and I, my entire extended family, we have always been horse people and always be. It’s in our blood. We live and breath horses. I have ridden practically since the day I was born and my parents have always had a horse or two up at the house for us to ride. My dad always has about 25 head head of black Angus cattle as well. I also love animals, all animals and have a great deal of compassion for them, and share a special connection with horses and love them most of all.
    I have fought for five years to save horses from slaughter in various ways both online and offline through filing and signing petitions, helping to find slaughter bound horses homes, and connecting owners who need help rehoming their horses with organizations to rehome their horses, sharing events and benefit information through the right channels. I have put my whole heart and soul into this.
    My fiancee and I plan on after getting married to buy a home and some land in the country and to adopt a few slaughter bound horses and if we have the finances to spare, to donate to some rescues to aide in expenses of keeping them at their rescues.
    Seeing videos like this and hearing of abuse and neglect cases always rips my heart into pieces because horses are just more to me then to saddle up and ride, then are part of me, part of my blood, my friends. If I could never ride again, never see a horse again, I would just wither away and die. I am always refreshed and feel good again when I am around a horse and feel their muzzle and lay my hand upon their fur and give them a hug and feel their breath upon me. It is just that connection I share with them. It is something that I cannot explain, cannot put into words. It is just there. It is knowing. I want to die doing something I love, die riding in that saddle. If God were to strike me dead, He should do it while I am sitting in that saddle. What a beautiful way to go, at least for me.
    These men at the slaughterhouse, they are cowardly and have no compassion for those horses, let alone any animal. It makes me wonder if they have any compassion period for any human being. If they treat an animal like this, how do they treat their wives, their children, their families, people in their lives? How could they do that to an animal? Why do they do that? What possess them to do that? Is it for the money? Do they do it simply for the paycheck? How can they stomach it really? I personally, have never shot an animal. I have witnesses chickens and cows being butchered. Both my uncle and my father have butchered chickens and cows at my parents’ home. I was right there when they did it. It really didn’t bother me because I think I looked upon it with fascination to see the internal structure of the animal, like the anatomical structure. My father, I know, really didn’t care for it, and the mess as well because it took some time to clean up the blood on the wooden barn floor, so they next time he had some cows butchered, he sent them off to the butcher.
    But anyways, it is the way the treat the horses or any animal before they butcher them that is quite inhumane. It is quite scary to watch them make the animal suffer. It is if they treat is as sport. As kicks and giggles, if you will. To see how much they can torment the animal before they eventually put it down and make the first cut. If you noticed, I believe the horse that was hanging upside down was still alive, but quite sedated. He was moving a bit.
    I really was not aware that horses were slaughtered in England. I thought the horses were only slaughtered in Mexico and Canada. I was under the assumption that our US horses were shipped to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered and then shipped to Europe and China for consumption. I thought that was how it worked. I do realize that other horses are slaughtered of course, of consumption. Like that cow was briefly shown.
    I am still quite upset over that video and I viewed it ten minutes ago. It will stay with me for most of the day. Coincidentally, another blog I followed here on WordPress made a post about it. The past couple days, they had been blogging about the Tesco burger affair over the UK.
    I have been sitting here as I type debating if I should reblog this on my blog. I don’t know if I want that ‘filth’ on my blog. No offense, but that is what it is. If those mother*&@%* don’t pay for their crimes against those here, they will be judged by God accordingly in the next left.
    I hope it is ok, but I am just going to copy and paste this comment onto the reblog. My fingers hurt from type from my illness. I am going to try to link that other blog I mentioned onto this so if you come over to mine to check it out, you can read it if you want to.


    • Hi Serenity, thank you for this extensive comment!

      You ask: “How could they do that to an animal?”

      I am not sure, as I don’t know all details of this case.

      Maybe their boss told these slaughtermen they should hurry for the sake of company profits. And maybe speed considerations then overrode any feelings of compassion, leading to this horrible cruelty.


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  5. Horse meat ‘contained cancer-causing drugs’

    Thursday 24 January 2013

    A labour minister claimed today that a carcinogenic drug may have entered the food chain through horses slaughtered in Britain.

    Shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh (pictured)told the Commons she had evidence that “several” horses slaughtered in Britain last year tested positive for phenylbutazone.

    Ms Creagh said: “I am in receipt of evidence showing that several horses slaughtered in UK abattoirs last year tested positive for phenylbutazone, or bute, a drug which causes cancer in humans and is banned from the human food chain.

    “It is possible that those animals entered the human food chain.”

    Unison meat hygiene official Ian Adderley highlighted that government cuts to the National Equine Database meant that the horse meat passport system wasn’t working.

    He said: “The only way to make sure that horse meat is safe to eat is to increase inspection and testing.”

    The Food Standards Agency said: “Horses which have been treated with phenylbutazone or ‘bute’ are not allowed to enter the food chain.”


    • Phenylbutazone or ‘bute’ is common in our horses. In the horses that slaughtered, over 80% of them have bute in their systems. Those are the ones that get shipped to Europe and Asia/China. Despite this, shady buyers are still shipping despite regulations for they are falsifying documents so they can turn a profit by selling the tainted horse meat, which is why the labour minister made these claims. You would think those eating the horse meat would think that these horses are used for athletic purposes that maybe they would have some performance enhancing drugs in their systems amongst other necessary medications and that maybe the meat is not safe for consumption. But those people are ignorant and just plain dense. There will also be tainted horse meat in the food chain because of the falsification of documents unless horse slaughter is ceased and made illegal and punishable by the highest of prosecution. That is the only way to get this particular carcinogen out of our food supply. Plain and simple.


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