Dutch horse meat scandal update

This 23 May 2013 Dutch video is about the arrest of Willy Selten, boss of the Willy Selten meat company in Oss, the Netherlands, suspect of food fraud.

From Associated Press:

Horse meat in 50,000 tons of recalled ‘beef’?

10:45a.m. EDT April 10, 2013

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Dutch authorities are recalling some 50,000 tons of meat that was sold as beef across Europe and possibly containing horse meat, because the exact source of the meat cannot be established.

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority said Wednesday around 370 different companies around Europe and 130 more in the Netherlands are affected by the recall because they bought meat from two Dutch trading companies.

The authority says that because the exact source of the meat cannot be traced, “its safety cannot be guaranteed.”

The statement added that Dutch authorities currently have “no concrete indications that there is a risk to public health.”

Dutch authorities began a large-scale investigation into the country’s meat industry in February following revelations across Europe that horse meat was being sold as beef.

See also here. And here and here about the Willy Selten corporation in Oss, suspects in this case.

The Dutch consumers organisation says that the government gives the businesses which bought Willy Selten’s meat too much time to investigate: here.

Bute found in 22 horses slaughtered for food at UK abattoirs in last two months: here.

Recent meat scandals make the case for food retailers who care about more than profit: here.

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