29 thoughts on “Japanese government wants censorship of US history book about forced prostitution

  1. There is rumour that Iris Chang, who wrote the book “Rape of Nanjing” detailing the atrocities, was murdered -not suicide as reported – whilst she was working on a new book about the atrocities.


  2. Photog forced to give up passport

    Japan: A photographer said yesterday he was forced to give up his passport because he planned a reporting trip to Syria, complaining the confiscation violated his constitutional right of travel and press freedom.

    Yuichi Sugimoto told a news conference that several Foreign Ministry and police officials visited his home in Niigata on Saturday, citing the risk of his planned trip.



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  10. This is ridiculous… Japanese censorship is also ridiculous. For a country that is supposed to be so advanced they are so backward. There is a saying…. “The Truth Hurts! Don’t it!” It’ll take about another 50 years before these law makers finally wake up.


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