Japanese governmental rewriting of history

This video says about itself:

Comfort Woman – Wianbu

14 July 2012

A short film about a Korean seventeen-year-old girl who is brought to a Japanese military camp during World War II, where a catastrophic future awaits her. Can she escape her fate?

From the History News Network in the USA:


Japan PM backs move to rewrite textbooks

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s conservative government has begun to pursue a more openly nationalist agenda on an issue that critics fear will push the country farther from its postwar pacifism: adding a more patriotic tone to Japan’s school textbooks.

The proposed textbook revisions have drawn less outcry abroad than Mr. Abe’s visit on Thursday to a shrine that honors war dead, including war criminals from World War II. However, though Mr. Abe’s supporters argue that changes are needed to teach children more patriotism, liberals warn that they could undercut an antiwar message they say has helped keep Japan peaceful for decades.

Prime Minister Abe is feeling the heat from his political base, which feels betrayed that he has not pursued a more strongly right-wing agenda,” said Nobuyoshi Takashima, a professor emeritus at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa who has studied the politics of textbooks. “Classrooms are one place where he can appease ultraconservatives by taking a more firmly nationalist stance.”

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he wanted to explain to his neighbours why he decided to visit a shrine to war criminals. But China again called on the nationalist politician to wake up to the realities of Japan’s imperial history. Mr Abe visited the Yasukuni shrine – where 14 convicted class-A war criminals are enshrined among the nearly 2.5 million dead – on December 26, sparking a diplomatic furore with China and South Korea: here.

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