South Korean miniskirt ban

After South Vietnamese dictatorship First Lady Madame Nhu … after the Greek colonels’ dictatorship … after Christian funadamentalist politicians in Poland and elsewhere … now South Korea.

, Guide in the USA, writes:

Miniskirt Ban under S. Korea’s New Regime?

March 22, 2013

Korean pop star and actress Suzy, given name Bae Su Ji, November 2012

Korea’s actresses and pop stars like Suzy (pictured above) may be in trouble. Effective today, South Korea has a new “overexposure” law, which provides that anyone the police deem to be showing too much skin can be fined 50,000 won (about $45 US).

The police say that this statute is actually an indecent exposure law, aimed at people who go out in public completely nude, rather than a miniskirt ban. Their claim hasn’t calmed the public outcry, though.

Newly elected President Park Geun-hye and her Cabinet approved this measure during their first meeting. The wary public reaction may be reasonable – after all, the current president’s father, Park Chung-hee, did ban skirts that ended 20 centimeters or more above the knee when he ruled the country in the 1970s.

44 thoughts on “South Korean miniskirt ban

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  2. good move! u don’t see men allowed into high end restaurants, clubs n work in short pants do u? u don’t see men wearing microshorts casually in public or during stage performance right? unless a policy is launched to encourage all boys/men to expose with microshorts in hot weather, otherwise I’m wholly against women taking advantage of miniskirt rights


    • “u don’t see men wearing microshorts casually in public or during stage performance right?”

      It seems you have never seen the Chippendales. Or Angus of AC/DC:

      AC/DC Angus

      I never heard of police anywhere stopping Angus. Contrary to what is happening to women in South Korea and elsewhere under restrictive rules.


        • Yes, women should have freedom to wear whatever clothes they want: very short, very long, etc. Without government dictatorship (in Korea, Saudi Arabia, Italy or anywhere else) taking their rights to decide away from them.


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  5. I see the point. It’s so difficult to distinguish between a miniskirt and nudity, they were forced to introduce the new measure. In the photo, did you notice that neither her wrists or ankles were covered?


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  39. employers must retain the right to a dress code, otherwise we should be free to decide what to wear. radical attire and public nudity will be self censored by a public display of disapproval.


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