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    Japan: Prime Minister resigns; defeat on mail Linking: 2 Comments: 9
    Date: 8/8/05 at 5:58PM

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    Main Title Song

    * Narrator: (spoken)Will somebody PLEASE cue that bird?
    Chorus: Samurai Pizza Cats (Oh yeah)
    Narrator: Who do you call when you want some pepperoni?
    Chorus: Samurai Pizza Cats (Right on)
    Narrator: They’re stampin’ out crime and you know that ain’t baloney.
    There’s Speedy Cerviche and he’s the leader of the bunch.
    Chorus: That’s right
    Narrator: A heck of a fighter (Whoa!)
    Makes a heck of a lunch
    And little Polly Esther who’s never afraid (That’s me)
    Of going into battle when the bad guys invade
    There’s Guido Anchovy
    A wild romantic lover
    The cat gets down, down with a love-hangover
    Chorus: Here Come the Pizza Cats
    Narrator: They’re so bad
    They’ve got more fur than any turtle ever had.
    Chorus: Stronger than old cheese (Stronger than old cheese)
    Chorus: Stronger than dirt (Stronger than dirt)
    Chorus: Step on their tails (Polly meows)
    Chorus: Then you’re gonna get hurt (Don’t hurt me, please!)
    Chorus: Samurai Pizza Cats
    Narrator: They’re fightin crime
    Chorus: All over town
    Chorus: 3, 2, 1. Pizza Cats are on the run
    Narrator: The Big Cheese is the villan, who’s lower than low
    It’s a rotten shame he lives in Little Tokyo
    He’s got a nasty temper and some nasty Ninja Crows
    As soon as someone finds the script, we might begin the show
    Sit right back, pick up a seat and turn the sound up high
    And if you want the full effect, go eat a pizza-pie!
    Chorus: Samurai Pizza Cats (narrator laughs as Speedy falls into the sea)

    End Title Song

    * Narrator: Ladies and Gentleman! The Samurai Pizza Cats Fan Club Oath!
    The Big Cheese: The Pizza Cats are Samurais and I’d like to note.
    Jerry Atric: Their antics take your breath away!
    The Big Cheese: Like furballs in your throat.
    Speedy: We kittens are a special breed. We never call retreat
    Guido: Whenever Big Cheese knocks us down
    Polly: We land upon (blows a kiss) our feet!
    Narrator: So hail to thee, O Pizza Cat! Please ring your little bell! (Speedy rings his collar bell)
    Although you may be pen and ink, we know you’ll fight like…
    All: PIZZA CATS!
    (song starts)
    Chorus: Samurai Pizza Cats
    Narrator: We hope you liked the show, it’s the best that we could do
    Chorus: Samurai Pizza Cats.
    Narrator: If you could do better, then we’d leave it up to you.
    Just a reminder that you might like to know
    The Cats will be back for another big show! (laughs) Oh gosh!
    Chorus: Samurai Pizza Cats
    Narrator: They’re fighting crime. Oh Yes!
    Chorus: All over town.
    2, 4, 6, 8!
    Why do we exaggerate?
    Samurai Pizza Cats
    Narrator: Read all the credits, so you know who did the work
    Chorus: Samurai Pizza Cats (crowd cheers)

    In Japan, Prime Minister Koizumi has resigned.

    He did this after a defeat in the senate for his proposals to privatize the Japanese mail service.

    Now, there will probably be new elections in Japan on 11 September.

    Of course, this is significant for Japanese mail workers who for the moment will not suffer worse work conditions as a result of privatization; and consumers now that many mail offices in small towns won’t be closed down.

    However, the significance is wider.

    For Japan as a whole: there are big tensions in Koizumi’s Liberal Democratic Party, a Rightist pro big business party.

    Koizumi’s party may well lose its majority in parliament, basically for the first time since 1945.

    That may be healthy, as de facto one party systems have negative consequences.

    Koizumi’s fall also has world wide sides. With his Rightist so called “reforms”, Koizumi is an ally of George W. Bush.

    We see that in Koizumi’s pro big business policies, including the now defeated mail service plan.

    We see it in Koizumi’s militarist undermining of the Japanese constitution, which incorporates the bitter lessons of 1930s-1940s military dictatorships and the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    It stipulates that Japan does not have armed forces, and certainly does not send them abroad to occupy other countries.

    However, Koizumi sent Japanese soldiers to Iraq to help George W. Bush; contrary to the wishes of the great majority of people in Japan.

    Koizumi is also controversial for commemorating World War II war criminals. Also in this, he has a parallel with George W. Bush.

    Not only in the crimes being committed in, eg, Abu Ghraib jail. Also in Bush’s relatives during World War II being indicted under the Trading with the Enemy [Hitler] Act.

    So if Koizumi loses the elections on 11 September, George W. Bush loses an important ally.

    Even more important than Aznar was a Bush ally in Spain, losing the elections over the Iraq war.

    After that election, Spanish soldiers got out of Iraq soon. Something similar may happen with Japan soon.


  2. Japan: Prime Minister resigns; defeat on mail
    Posted by:

    Date: 08/08/05 at 6:44 PM (1y1M ago)
    a 9/11 election? really?

    RE: Japan: Prime Minister resigns; defeat on mail
    Posted by:

    Spec’s World: Blogging e>
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    Date: 08/08/05 at 6:46 PM
    Yes, that is the most probable date

    RE: Japan: Prime Minister resigns; defeat on mail
    Posted by:

    Date: 08/09/05 at 10:07 PM (1y1M ago)
    http://wrp.org.uk/news/270 [scroll down]


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