27 thoughts on “Tony Blair outsourced torture to Gaddafi’s Libya

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  14. Saturday 12th December 2015

    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    SO THERE we have it, arch war criminal Tony Blair saved the world again. Who knew?

    Giving evidence to the House of Commons foreign affairs committee yesterday, Blair said he believed his decision to engage with Libyan dictator Muammar Gadaffi in 2004 remained “important” in the present day as it had prevented Islamic State (Isis) from getting hold of chemical weapons.

    Eh?As part of the process, he said, Gaddafi renounced weapons of mass destruction, bringing to a halt programmes to develop nuclear and chemical weapons.

    “I think it is important that we brought them in from the cold, as it were, and important also in today’s context because I think — particularly if we had still had the residue of that chemical weapons programme in Libya today, given the state of Libya today and given the presence of Isis there — it would have constituted a real risk, even today,” he claimed.

    Funnily he didn’t mention the fact that a key aspect of the “deal in the desert” was that Britain hand over Gadaffi’s opponents and their wives and children for rendition and torture.

    But then that’s just a minor footnote in history for Blair and anyway he wasn’t asked about it.

    He told assembled MPs that he had “never had any business interests in Libya.”Well that must have been the only country in which he didn’t.

    Regarding the Arab Spring uprisings which saw the overthrow of Gadaffi and other North African leaders, he said that what they had shown is that the people in those countries would not accept being ruled over by a tiny minority unrepresentative of the population.

    So … rather like his bosom buddies in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and pretty much every client of Tony Blair Associates Ltd then.

    But again he wasn’t pressed on that, or anything else really.

    To give you a flavour of the level of “questioning” Blair was subjected to I refer you to this comment by committee chairman Crispin Blunt.

    In a devastatingly barbed attack Blunt told Blair that he regarded the reopening of Libya, with its vast oil resources, as “a signal achievement of your premiership.”

    Not so much a grilling as a chance for Blair to top up his tan by basking in his own imagined glory.



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  16. Friday 8th January 2016

    posted by Will Stone in Britain

    Transcripts shows Libyan leader foresaw threat from Islamists

    TONY BLAIR may have “wrongfully ignored” a warning from Colonel Muammar Gadaffi of Islamist attacks on Europe, newly released telephone transcripts revealed yesterday.

    The former Labour prime minister made two calls to Col Gaddafi on February 25 2011, a week after the Libyan regime responded with violence to uprisings in Benghazi and other cities.

    Mr Blair used the correspondence to urge the Libyan leader to stand aside and accept a change of government, as demanded by the insurgents.

    He said refusing to do so could spell “bloodshed for a lot of Libyan people.”

    However, a suspicious Col Gadaffi branded Mr Blair’s plan “colonisation” and blamed the violence on al-Qaida sleeper cells in Libya.

    “There is no bloodshed here. It is very quiet. But if you want to reap Libya, we are ready to fight. It will be like Iraq,” the Libyan leader threatened.

    He said the uprising was part of a plot by armed Islamists to “control the Mediterranean… and then attack Europe.”

    Col Gadaffi bluntly asked Mr Blair: “Do you support al-Qaida? … Are you supporting terrorism?”

    The transcripts were released by the House of Commons foreign affairs committee in the wake of evidence Mr Blair gave to the committee last month as part of its investigation into British policy towards Libya.

    Committee chairman Crispin Blunt suggested that Col Gadaffi may have been more “prophetic” about the danger from Islamist militancy in Libya if his regime fell than Mr Blair gave him credit for.

    Libya has endured civil war since Nato’s 2011 intervention, with Islamic State (Isis) outposts emerging in cities including Sirte.

    And the transcripts were released as news broke of a lorry bomb killing at least 60 police officers in the town of Zliten.

    Tory MP Mr Blunt said: “The committee will want to consider whether Gadaffi’s prophetic warning of the rise of extremist militant groups following the collapse of the regime was wrongly ignored because of Gadaffi’s otherwise delusional take on international affairs.

    “The evidence that the committee has taken so far in this inquiry suggests that Western policy-makers were rather less perceptive than Gadaffi about the risks of intervention for both the Libyan people and the Western interests.”

    As prime minister, Mr Blair played a key role in bringing Libya back in from the cold after years of international sanctions, famously meeting Col Gadaffi in his desert tent in 2004.



  17. Friday 10th June 2016

    posted by Paddy McGuffin in Britain

    MI6 linked to rendition of woman and four children, but there will be no prosecution of those responsible

    BRITAIN’S shameful role in the kidnap and torture of two Gadaffi opponents and a subsequent cover-up has been exposed — but no-one will face charges, prosecutors said yesterday.

    The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which is investigating the “rendition” of two families to Libya by MI6 and the CIA, reported that a senior British intelligence official was involved in the operation.

    But even though officials and politicians have admitted British involvement in the operation, which saw a pregnant woman and four children kidnapped and rendered to Libya in 2004, the CPS claims there is “insufficient evidence” to bring charges.

    The government has said it will examine the case as part of its inquiry into detainee treatment and rendition, however.

    Sami al-Saadi and Abdul-Hakim Belhaj were both prominent Gadaffi opponents who had been living with their families in exile. They suffered years of torture after their forced return.

    Mr Belhaj’s wife, Fatima Boudchar, despite being pregnant at the time of the rendition, was chained to a wall in a secret CIA prison in Bangkok before being tied to a stretcher for the 17-hour flight to Libya.

    One of Mr Saadi’s children, Khadija, who was just 12 at the time, said she was so terrified during the kidnap that she passed out.

    Evidence of Britain’s role in the operation emerged after the fall of the Gadaffi regime in 2011.

    Documents discovered in the office of his spy chief Moussa Koussa were found to include correspondence from senior MI6 officer Sir Mark Allen in which he took credit for the intelligence behind the operation.

    Both Tony Blair and then foreign secretary Jack Straw, who was responsible for MI6 at the time, have denied knowledge of the operation.

    The decision raises serious questions about the impartiality of the CPS, human rights group Reprieve said yesterday.

    Reprieve’s Cori Crider said: “With today’s official acknowledgement that British officials were involved in this rendition, the fig leaf of official secrecy in this case is in tatters.

    “There is one crucial question: who knew who was on those planes, and for those who knew, what possible reason can there be for them to evade justice?

    “Top British officials helped abduct a pregnant woman and four children, and so far, we have no apology, no explanation, and now no-one held responsible.”

    She said that, despite the wealth of evidence, “the CPS’s attitude to all this is ‘see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil’.”

    Commenting on the government’s inquiry, intelligence and security committee chairman Dominic Grieve said: “I cannot pre-judge the outcome of our investigation: this is a wide-ranging and detailed inquiry and I expect it to continue for some time.”



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