Bloody king of Bahrain invited to British royal wedding

David Cameron welcomes the king of Bahrain

On this photo, British Prime Minister Cameron receives the king of Bahrain.

From Socialist Worker weekly in Britain:

5.52pm Tue 22 Feb 2011

Royals are all in it together

Most ordinary people, after watching the bloody scenes on their TV screens this week, would want as much distance between themselves and the king of Bahrain as possible.

Not Britain’s royal family though.

In the week that the king of Bahrain opened fire on protesters, killing five and injuring dozens, Prince William and Kate Middleton invited him to their wedding in April.

The royals clearly like to mix with their own—even if they are murdering dictators.

Hopefully thousands of “uninvited” guests will show up to show their “appreciation” for the king’s visit.

Britain: Tory spin firm for Bahrain’s king: here.

United States pro-Qadhafi lobbyists, including neo-conservative Richard Perle: here.

Greece’s PM George Papandreou in council of trustees of Gaddafi’s “charity” organization: here.

Royal wedding: here.

London: Anti-royal campaigners accused Camden Council of discrimination today after it banned a republican street party despite previous confirmation that the event could go ahead.

Off with their heads! Palace tulips face pruning in case they blight royal wedding day: here.

Johann Hari: Don’t Be Fooled, Many Brits Will Cringe at the Royal Wedding Frenzy: here.

Wedding Fatigue in Britain: Kate and Wills are Marrying, Get Me Out of Here! Here.

8 thoughts on “Bloody king of Bahrain invited to British royal wedding

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