More war in Libya

This 28 July 2011 video from Britain is called Corbyn: Libya, Bogged Down Deep In Civil War‬‏-UK Violating International & National Law.

USA: Gates and Clinton hint at open-ended war in Libya: here.

Lauren Ashburn: We Needed Real Debate Before Bombing Libya. Both sides of the aisle have done a miserable job of fostering a national debate about the wisdom of going to war. We are witnessing the same issues that dogged us in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam: here.

Will Libya be another depleted uranium hell? Here.

The newly appointed military chief of the Libyan rebels has ties to American intelligence agencies going back a quarter-century: here.

Reports have emerged in European media alleging that efforts by French intelligence to destabilize or topple the Libyan government of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi may have played a role in last month’s protests in Benghazi, which ultimately led to war in Libya: here.

Britain steps up campaign for regime change, targeted assassination in Libya: here.

London: Demo tomorrow outside the UK’s “regime change” conference, 12:30, Pall Mall. Stop the bombing now!

Philippines: On March 25, much of the community in Maharlika Village in Manila turned out after Friday prayers to protest against the Western powers’ military attacks against Libya: here.

4 thoughts on “More war in Libya

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