London protest against king of Swaziland

This video from the USA is called Swaziland King Mswati III and spouse arrive at the White House Diner, AUGUST 05 2014.


26th of April 2011

Protest outside The Dorchester over King Mswati‘s visit to the UK

Protesters gathered to demonstrate against the world’s last absolute monarch, Swazi King Mswati III, who checked into The Dorchester hotel on Park Lane with his 50 strong team of aides to attend the Royal Wedding.

Mswati III is certainly an absolute monarch. Unfortunately, he is hardly “the world’s last absolute monarch”. He is also certainly not the only royal dictator invited by the British royal family to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. As the royal families of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, etc. have been invited.

The protest from 6pm was organised by the Swaziland Vigil who have long been demonstrating at the Swaziland High Commission in London in support of human rights in the country.

According to co-ordinator Thobile Gwebu, ‘King Mswati is making our country a laughing stock but the brutal action taken against recent anti-government demonstrations shows how bad the situation in Swaziland really is. We would love it if the British government withdrew his invitation to attend the wedding because he is such a bad example to any young couple.’

From Eyewitness News in South Africa:

A group of protestors gathered outside the Dorchester on Tuesday night, the hotel it was believed the king would be staying while in London. But it is understood he moved to another hotel due to pressure from activists.

Pix demo against King Mswati in London: here.

Dear Prince William and Catherine Middleton: Please Disinvite King Mswati III of Swaziland From Your Wedding: here.

Swazi king parties in UK while his subjects suffer at home: here.

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A German Journalist’s Royal Frustration: A Fairytale Wedding? What Nonsense! Here.

3 thoughts on “London protest against king of Swaziland

  1. Right royal ban for Derby pub

    WEDDING: A pub in Derby, East Midlands, has banned anything royal wedding-related after its customers complained about the hysteria spreading across the country.

    At the Alexandra Hotel in Derby the words “royal” and “wedding” are banned, with customers ordered to donate to a “swear box” if they slip up.

    The TV will also be turned off.

    Landlords Ralf Edge and Anna Dyson said they wanted the pub to be “a safe haven.”


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