British weapons sales to Gadaffi’s Libya

This 3 March 2011 video is called Mustafa, a Libyan protester, speaks out against UK arms exports.

From the (Conservative) Sunday Telegraph in Britain:

UK selling snipers to Gaddafi just weeks before uprising began

The British Government was promoting the sale of sniper rifles to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime weeks before the outbreak of the uprising against him.

New evidence suggesting that Britain operated its own extraordinary rendition programme delivering Libyan dissidents to the Gadaffi regime must be investigated by the Gibson inquiry, Amnesty International stated today: here.

A Libyan man who accuses Britain’s MI6 of arranging to send him home to be tortured in Colonel Gaddafi’s jails says he plans to travel to London to give evidence at an upcoming inquiry: here.

The G8 states, wealthy Arab kingdoms and international bankers pledged £36 billion to key Arab states on Saturday as part of efforts to ensure that the region continues to prioritise “private sector-led growth”: here.

7 thoughts on “British weapons sales to Gadaffi’s Libya

  1. Rival anti-Gaddafi groups clash

    Posted: 11 September 2011 2043 hrs

    TRIPOLI: At least 12 people were killed and many more wounded when two groups of fighters opposed to Muammar al-Gaddafi turned on each other in Libya’s west, two officials said on Sunday.

    The fighting, which has its roots in ancient rivalries and pitted combatants from the towns of Gharyan and Kikla on the one side and from Asabah on the other, broke out on Saturday, according to the chief of the Gharyan council and confirmed by the head of the military council of Asabah.

    The towns are on the eastern edge of the Nafusa mountains and were important centres of resistance to Muammar al-Gaddafi forces in months of fighting to oust the strongman.

    “Twelve people were killed and 16 others were wounded during the fighting which erupted when a brigade from Gharyan and Kikla came under fire at the town of Asabah,” said Gharyan council head Wahid Barshan.

    He added that the brigade had been ambushed “after demanding the return of their heavy weapons” left behind during fighting against Kadhafi’s forces.

    The toll and the version of events was confirmed by the chairman of the Asabah military council, Saad al-Shartaa.

    Traditionally, many people in Asabah were Gaddafi supporters, and according to the two officials, 20 of his fighters were captured during Saturday’s fighting.

    Shartaa said efforts had been made “to contain the situation” and that Libya’s new ruling National Transitional Council had intervened in a bid to calm passions.

    He said the origin of the feuding lies in the fact that Asabah is the hometown of Gaddafi’s one-time right-hand man, Ahmed Ramadan.

    – AFP/fa


  2. Afghan left warns Libyan people over NATO interests

    Imperialism never bring prosperity to the people

    by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

    It is really terrorist act of NATO and Sarkozi and the allies in Libya that under the pretext of protection of civilian, killing the Libyan and destroying their infrastructure to replace their ever puppet regime to meet their economic and political interest in Libya and region.


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