Britain, Blair partner in CIA ‘rendition’ torture flights

Torture and Condoleezza Rice: cartoon

From London daily The Morning Star:

Blair guilt confirmed

(Thursday 08 June 2006)

WHEN first taxed about CIA so-called “rendition flightsto and from Britain, Tony Blair and since ousted foreign secretary Jack Straw pleaded ignorance.

It was clear then, and is even clearer now, that, according to even the most charitable interpretation, their ignorance was carefully contrived on the basis of not asking questions because they suspected what the answers were.

Given the close master-servant relationship that exists between Downing Street and the White House, it is probably safe to assume that Mr Blair was fully up to speed over the CIA kidnapping and torture programme.

Seeing the government’s cavalier disregard for long-cherished human rights in this country, imagining a similar contempt for the rights of people designated as terrorists by Washington is not difficult.

The Prime Minister remains as brazen as ever in his refusal to be bound by domestic or international law, as he showed in his dismissal of Menzies Campbell‘s questions in Parliament.

On the Dick Marty report: here.

Actions in Britain against torture flights: here.

Ireland and torture flights: here.

Other side of Blair and planes: Tony is accused of using flights on British Airways to excess.

17 thoughts on “Britain, Blair partner in CIA ‘rendition’ torture flights

  1. All links to articles as summarized below are available here:
    UK ‘part of CIA terror flights web’ 08 Jun 2006 First Minister Jack McConnell
    came under renewed pressure last night to explain Scotland’s role in the alleged
    rendition of prisoners by the CIA after Europe’s human rights watchdog claimed
    Britain was part of a “spider’s web” of abuse. [See: Where the prisoners go.]

    Europeans ‘assisted CIA renditions’ 07 Jun 2006 European countries – including
    Germany, the UK, Italy and Sweden – violated human rights by co-operating with
    CIA renditions, or extra-legal abductions, a wide-ranging report said on

    Force-feeding put in Guantánamo Bay policy 07 Jun 2006 In an overall defense of
    its Guantánamo medical policies, the Pentagon on Tuesday made public a 10-page
    directive that defends force-feeding hunger strikers and permits a psychologist
    to advise interrogators.

    Military Alters the Makeup of Interrogation Advisers 07 Jun 2006 Pentagon
    officials said Tuesday that they would try to use only psychologists, and not
    psychiatrists, to help interrogators devise strategies to get information from
    detainees at places like Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. The new policy follows by little
    more than two weeks an overwhelming vote by the American Psychiatric Association
    discouraging its members from participating in those efforts.

    The Case of the Missing $21 Billion –Who’s Following the Iraq Money? By Dave
    Lindorff 07 Jun 2006 “…[M]ore than $9 billion that has gone missing without a
    trace in Iraq–as well as $12 billion in cash that the Pentagon flew into Iraq
    straight from Federal Reserve vaults via military transports, and for which
    there has been little or no accounting… What the president [Dictator Bush] did
    was write a so-called ‘signing statement’ on the side (unpublicized of course),
    saying that the new inspector general would have no authority to investigate any
    contracts or corruption issues involving the Pentagon.”

    US troops accused of new murders in Iraq 06 Jun 2006 US troops faced fresh
    accusations of unlawful killings of civilians in Iraq as Prime Minister Nuri
    al-Maliki ordered the release of 2,500 detainees in a gesture to promote
    national reconciliation. The Iraqi Islamic Party accused American forces of
    murdering more than two dozen Iraqis in a series of incidents across the country
    in May.

    Official: Marines Believed to Plan Killing 06 Jun 2006 U.S. military
    investigators believe the killing of an Iraqi civilian on April 26 was planned
    by a small group of Marines who shot the man and then planted a shovel and an
    AK-47 rifle at the scene, a senior Pentagon official said Tuesday.


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