24 thoughts on “British Duke of York accused of sexual abuse

  1. Surely bankers and royalty should be exempt from the laws of crime such as sex in any form that legal or not should be given VIP treatment and allowed to go about their perversions without interference from commoners and those who obviously not in the same class and would if they could be of a similar disposition, this is a time we can practice what Christ preached, turn the other cheek and it does not matter how many times individuals are violated we should let it all go as Jesus has stated, those who believe Jesus is aiding and abetting crime and perversion, this idea is not for them, I am talking to those who just lay down and expect to be trampled upon for the sake of a better world. Why should the general public accept this situation. We all know the stress bankers have in working out schemes to make more billions of dollars if not trillions, and the Royals having to cut ribbons, surely need some outlet? I know the cynics will say they have enough with their perks, here we must exercise magnanimity as our planet becomes a husk in these final moments of all those who have exploited the place we live in to create this desert, we can still offer those some humane generosity even if they have thoughts to killed us all.


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