Bahrain absolute monarchy update

This video from the USA is called Lethal Use of Tear Gas in Bahrain from Amber Lyon of CNN.

In Bahrain, state forces fired tear gas at demonstrators near the capital Manama on Wednesday amidst protests over the death of a young activist. Twenty-year-old Sadiq Sabt died this week after being hit by a car last month. Activists say he was deliberately struck. The Bahraini government, meanwhile, has issued new curbs on political groups, ordering them to obtain permission to meet with foreign diplomats and organizations, and to have a government official present at all meetings: here.

BAHRAIN‘S main ­opposition group has criticised an Arab League decision to set up a human rights court in Manama, saying the Gulf Arab state was the “black hole of human rights”: here.

From a Bahraini regime source:

London, Sep 5 (BNA). His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa today received at his residence in London His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, The Duke of York.

Condemn Torture of Peaceful Protesters in Bahrain: petition here.

Local councils in Bahrain replaced with ‘investment experts’? Here.

Who Shot Ahmed? recounts the murder of a 22-year-old videographer, killed in cold blood in the dead of night at the height of Bahrain’s Arab Spring revolution. On a small island Kingdom swirling with political, economic, and sectarian tensions, Ahmed’s murder epitomized everything that had gone wrong since 2011, when pro-democracy protesters took to the streets in droves. Drawing on dozens of testimonies, journalist Elizabeth Dickinson traces the tale of Ahmed’s death and his family’s fearless quest for justice. Darting between narratives and delving into characters, it is a tale of a life lost and the great powers—from Washington to London, and Riyadh to Manama—that did nothing to stop the crisis. Dickinson has a deep knowledge of the region, but she brings a story from a foreign land straight back home: Ahmed could be any of our sons: here.

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