Epstein survivor accuses Prince Andrew of abuse

This 20 September 2019 United States TV video says about itself:

Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Detail Abuse In NBC News Exclusive | TODAY

In an NBC News exclusive, Savannah Guthrie sits down with six women who have leveled sexual assault allegations against disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died … in August. In her first TV interview, Virginia Roberts Giuffre details how Epstein directed her to have sex with other powerful men, including Britain’s Prince Andrew.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Epstein victim accuses Prince Andrew of abuse

A US American woman says she was abused as a teenager by the British prince Andrew. Virginia Giuffre says that as a sex slave to Jeffrey Epstein, she also had to have sex with Queen Elizabeth’s son. …

In an interview with NBC, Giuffre describes how an Epstein employee arranged the meeting. “Today you are going to meet a prince”, this Ghislaine Maxwell is said to have said to the 17-year-old girl. Maxwell is said to have played an important role in the Epstein crimes.

According to Giuffre, she visited a club in London where she danced with the prince and got alcohol in the VIP room. “When I left the club with Ghislaine and Jeffrey, Ghislaine said in the car: “He’s coming back to the house. And I want you to do for him (Prince Andrew) what you do for Epstein.” I couldn’t believe it.”

Giuffre’s comments were omitted in 2015 from a United States lawsuit against Epstein. …

Shortly after Epstein’s death, Andrew personally announced that he had made a mistake by continuing to visit Epstein after his conviction for abuse in 2008. He immediately emphasized that he had supposedly never witnessed suspicious behaviour.

Neil Mackay: Prince Andrew must be questioned by police over alleged sex trafficking links: here.

Prince Andrew’s BBC interview likened to a ‘plane crashing into an oil tanker’: here.

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