Dutch royal peacock escapes from palace

This video from the Netherlands is about the historic Orange Hall, part of Huis ten Bosch palace, in the Hague, which opened to visitors in the occasion of its renovation. The palace will be used by Dutch King Willem-Alexander and his family after the refurbishing.

Recently, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced that she would abdicate. Her son, Crown Prince Willem Alexander, would become king on 30 April.

Not everyone seems to be happy. Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad reports today, that on the queen’s birthday, yesterday, 31 January, a royal peacock escaped from the The Hague palace Huis ten Bosch garden.

He went to the nearby Haagse Bos forest. He was caught there later.

This is a peacock video.

Probably, the bird was sick of the Dutch media’s sycophantic coverage of the royal family.

Contrary to the female peacock which escaped from Bronx Zoo in New York City in the USA, this Dutch peacock is male.

Faking a noise usually reserved for sex makes male peacocks more attractive: here.

Haagse Bos mammals: here.

28 thoughts on “Dutch royal peacock escapes from palace

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    NETHERLANDS: A song specially written to be sung by the nation to the new king on the day of his coronation has been withdrawn after it triggered a storm of online ridicule, a government committee confirmed today.

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