Dutch king destroying Greek environment?

The Dutch king's mansion in Greece

Translated from Dutch NOS TV in Greece:

Greek party criticizes king’s villa

Friday 20 May 2014, 13:47 (Update: 20-06-14, 13:59)

By our correspondent Conny Keessen

The radical left-wing opposition party SYRIZA contests the legality of the construction of a jetty and other activities on the beach in front of the summer residence of [Dutch] King Willem-Alexander. MPs of the party have questioned five Greek ministers about this.

The ministers have put their names to a document, in which Willem-Alexander was granted permission to build. According to the government’s decision, the work is in the public interest and helps public safety.

Do not build

The MPs of SYRIZA ask what public interest is involved, since the villa of the king is private property. According to the Greek Constitution, everyone should have access to beaches and people cannot just build on them.

Already a local action group has protested against the construction work at the beach, which is under the rock on which the summer residence of the royal couple stands.

Sell ​​beaches

The issue is particularly sensitive in Greece due to a government plan to start exploiting beaches. The Athens government already has prepared a bill making it possible to build hotels, villas and restaurants on beaches. Some beaches also could be sold.

When this plan was announced, there were many protests; more than 130,000 people from Greece and abroad put their signatures to petitions against the bill. Environmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace say the plan will cause irreparable damage to the coast and the beaches.

With all the commotion the debate on the bill was postponed, two weeks before the European elections. Opposition party SYRIZA thinks that the bill, with some modifications, will be presented again this summer, It is still unknown when that will happen.

The villa is in Kranidi.

This is not the first time King Willem Alexander is involved in such a case. About five years ago, when still crown prince, he had a similar issue with his mansion in Mozambique.

From the (Conservative) Daily Telegraph in Britain in 2009:

Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange and the future Dutch King, has been accused of “behaving like a spoiled child” over plans to build a luxury villa in impoverished Mozambique

From the (conservative) Daily Mail in Britain, 21 June 2014:

Your bill to refurbish Kate’s palace is now £4MILLION: New kitchen, nursery and several bathrooms quadruples the cost

Cost of Kensington Palace refurbishment soared by £3million in past year
Vast project has seen Princess Margaret’s former home transformed
Includes new kitchen, bathrooms and nursery for Prince George

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