New Dutch king, coronation and opposition

On 30 April, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will abdicate. Her son, Prince Willem-Alexander, will become king.

Fervent monarchists, and also many people who like parties, no matter about what, are preparing a big celebration.

Not everyone is happy with the monarchy.

Dutch anti-monarchy sticker

This sticker says “I don’t want Willem[-Alexander]”. The text is a wordplay on Dutch: “Ik wil hem niet”, I don’t want him, and the name Willem.

This video is about republicans in Amsterdam rehearsing the “Ik-Willem-niet” song.

Leiden University bosses had plans to plant a lime tree celebrating the new king in the university garden. To get space for the new royal tree, they planned to kill an old yew tree.

Song thrush and berries, yew tree in university garden, 11 November 2012

This yew tree has featured in this blog before. Winter after winter, its berries attract redwings, song thrushes, blackbirds, waxwings and other birds.

Male blackbird and berries, yew tree in university garden, 11 November 2012

After much protest against the plans to kill the yew tree, the university bosses decided that the yew tree would be transported to soil where it will still be alive.

13 thoughts on “New Dutch king, coronation and opposition

  1. Its very noble of Beatrix to hand over the keys to the kingdom, and these trashy t-shirts are nothing but a growing trend of e-commerce. I bet they have been waiting for something like this to plug into there eCommerce website for ages. I guessing her son has some plans for the flat lands. Those birds in a tree are definitely worth three in a bush. Good zo. Dank u vel Kitty.


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