Dutch royals, more taxpayers’ money than ever

This video says about itself:

30 April 2013

The new Dutch King Willem-Alexander has been sworn in at a ceremony in Amsterdam’s Nieuwe Kerk.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

The millions of euros income of the king has many faces

Today, 07:15

The combined income of Willem-Alexander and [Queen] Máxima will rise next year by almost 250,000 euros. 20,000 per month. The king gets almost 18,000 more euros per month and the queen 3000. This is evident from a comparison of the Budget Day budget for the king in 2017 with the current budget. The final amounts may still be slightly different.

In total the king and queen will receive next year for their family’s spending over six million in constitutional benefits from the treasury. Half a million per month. All tax-free and indexed for inflation. That money, for hard to fathom reasons divided into an A-component (1.2 million) and a B-component (over 5.2 million) Willem-Alexander and Maxima together may spend freely. They do not have to pay directly work related costs. …

In addition to the constitutional benefits are the work related expenses of the king and the amounts spent on him on yet other budgets. In total for 2017 41.4 million, budgeted for 800,000 euros more than this year. Costs for security, which are secret, and some other items are not included in that. …

How the king spends his money he decides himself. Thanks to the constitution, article 41, he has the freedom to “taking into account the public interest to arrange his House.” The prime minister, who is politically responsible for this, should not interfere in principle with the spending by the king. The prime minister also does not have to answer questions about this from parliament.

Dutch royals not paying taxes after secret agreement: here.

THIS GRAPHICAL BREAKDOWN OF THE EUROPEAN ROYAL FAMILIES INTERLACING IS… SOMEWHAT DISTURBING That’s not that many degrees of separation for this massive family of royals. [DataSketch]

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