Dutch king’s pricey new car

The new car of the Dutch king

Austerity news from Greece … from Ukraine … from many other countries, including the Netherlands.

While the Dutch government proclaims there is no money for health … for wildlife conservation … etc., there still is money for neo-colonial war in Mali in Africa.

And there is money for some other things as well.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

New car for king

Wednesday 26 Feb 2014, 12:54 (Update: 26-02-14 , 13:04 )

King Willem-Alexander has a new official car. Since this week carried the head of state is transported in an extended Audi A8, royalty and automotive reporters noted.

The magazine Vorsten [Princes] knows that the Audi has been adapted in the Netherlands to the wishes of the king. The car was extended 45 centimeter and equipped with all comforts. There is a fridge, a TV and Wi-Fi on board.


The seats are covered with lambskin, Vorsten writes. The car, just like all other royal court cars, has been painted in a special dark blue colour.

Autoblog.nl knows that the 6,3 liter engine delivers an output of 500 horsepower. According to this blog there is a price tag of over 597,000 euros for the armored car.

Until now, the monarch was transported in a prolonged Volvo S80. That brand has been dominating for the past ten years the car collection of the royal House of Orange. Thus, for Willem-Alexander’s inauguration last year, a whole fleet of that brand was deployed.

SWEDEN’S KING REMOVES GRANDCHILDREN FROM ROYAL HOUSE  Sweden’s king has chosen to strip five of his grandchildren of their royal highness status amid heightened scrutiny of the monarchy’s cost to taxpayers.The children will retain their titles of prince/princess and duke/duchess, but they will no longer receive taxpayer funds. [HuffPost]

16 thoughts on “Dutch king’s pricey new car

    • Yes, many people buy a new car because their old car breaks down (and not paid for by the taxpayers, unlike this case). Still more people around the world don’t own cars at all.


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  8. It is an armoured car and likely includes other security features as well. Does the Dutch King need an armoured car? What does an armoured car cost?

    In comparison to recent cars purchased for the President of the United States and the Queen of England, 600K Euro may be a modest expenditure.

    Have you seen The Beast? (US presidential state car) A little about it it from wikipedia:
    “The Secret Service refers to the heavily armored vehicle as The Beast. Most details of the car are classified for security reasons. A special night vision system is in a secret location. Goodyear run-flat tires fit into extra-large wheel wells. The car is sealed against biochemical attacks. Kept in the trunk is a blood bank of the President’s blood type.It also has its own oxygen supply.”

    And the Queen of England has a new Bentley State Car. She bought two.
    “For protection of its occupants, the bodywork and glass are armoured, the cabin can be sealed air-tight in case of gas attack and is also blast-resistant, and the tyres are kevlar-reinforced.”

    No word on the price of these but very likely a great deal more than the Dutch King’s A8.


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