Dutch royals in Greece cost lots of money, environment

This video, by RTL TV in the Netherlands, says about itself (translated):

King circumvents Greek laws

June 11th 2014

The strict rules applying in Greece about building along the coastline have been pushed aside for King Willem Alexander. He can build a jetty at his holiday villa and close a stretch of beach to the public. The strict laws have been circumvented, for the security of the king.

Translated from RTL TV in the Netherlands today:

Parliament wants clarification about what the king costs

Parliament wants to know the exact cost which the state pays for the royal family and the holiday mansion of King Willem-Alexander in Greece.

Parliament is not satisfied with the answers by Prime Minister Rutte late last week. This is apparent from a long list of questions that have been submitted.

Thus, parliament wants clarity on the costs incurred for the construction of a concrete jetty at the villa. Willem-Alexander pays half of that amount because he wants to land his speed boat there, but the amount has been kept secret so far. The government claimed earlier that the construction of the concrete jetty was a security measure.

“Mansion is a private matter’

Rutte on Friday confirmed that the state has paid over half a million euros for the lease of land on which a security fence was constructed. Earlier Rutte called the mansion a private matter. Parliament wants to know what the total cost was, including the remuneration of notaries, lawyers, experts, and the cost of employment of the attorney general by the state.

Furthermore, parliament wants a justification of the costs associated with the announced renovation of palaces, air travel of the royal family and the increased income of Willem-Alexander, [Queen] Maxima and [Queen Mother] Beatrix. Prime Minister Rutte should give clarification before next month, when his budget will be discussed.

Dutch queen’s ‘swastika’ coat raises eyebrows on state visit: here.

13 thoughts on “Dutch royals in Greece cost lots of money, environment

  1. I take it that the news was in Dutch? Think I understand what they were saying, but didn’t quite get it all. Nice area to have a villa. That’s how the 1% do it.


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