Dutch escapee Alexandrine parakeets

This 8 April 2017 shows an Alexandrine parakeet at a feeder in the Netherlands.

Ring-necked parakeets, originally escapees from cages, are now quite common at some places in the Netherlands.

Recently, another escapee parakeet species was recorded in Amsterdam.

In the local Oosterpark, feral Alexandrine parakeets live.

They are bigger than ring-necked parakeets.

Parakeets have taken over Japan’s skies.

17 thoughts on “Dutch escapee Alexandrine parakeets

  1. Thanks for posting this ! now I finally know the name of those little buggers that chase al the other birds away. Mind you , there used to be a lot of squirels in het Vondelpark,they all left because of them,so I’ve heard. Sometimes something looks cute. But that does not mean They are cute in instinct.
    I used to work near the voldelpark(15 years ago) an old lady would feed them at 8 in the morning.At that time there were still about 15/20 of them…

    great post , Thanks


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